Thursday, April 27, 2006

3 Decepticons Named?

A rumor over at the TF producer Don Murphy's message board is that the names of three Decepticons that will be in the movie.

As many have speculated, the Decepticons do in fact outnumber the Autobots in the script.

It had me scratching my head when I learned who they are, and what their alt modes are.

Brawl--a police car (for a chase scene)
Devastator--M1 Abrams tank (and a single bot)
Bonecrusher--Mine clearing vehicle

It just seems like a bunch of random names slapped on random alt modes.
If they want to use a Decepticon car, I think the names Runamuck or Runabout would be more suitable.
The tank should be Brawl, since he was a tank in G1.
Not sure how I feel about Bonecrusher. He was a bulldozer in G1 and there are mine clearing vehicles that look like bulldozers, but I think they should just stick with Combaticon names and go with Swindle or Onslaught.

Hmm, got to admit, little concerned. Getting the names "right" should be easy and basic. It would take all of three seconds to come up with a Decepticon name that is valid. More likely this information is either flat out wrong or a bit off intentionlly.

Brawl is probably really an Autobot. I am betting for at least the first movie they are going to stick with the Autobots = automobiles, Decepticons = other war equipment. The M1 Abrams is more likely Megatron as they cannot use the gun form from the cartoons do to legalities with making gun toys. Megatron was a tank in the G2 iteration and several after that. Also, really Megs is a supposed to be a big evil SOB that carries a big stick. That sounds like a tank to me. I think they should hold Devastator in reserve for a possible sequel. He is a known Transformer and having a gestalt Transformation would THE teaser trailer moment of a sequel.


  1. man were you wrong about this!

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