Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Night Production Pictures at Bethlehem

Jason H. has provided a few more pictures and video of Bethlehem for the first night of Transformers II production. For the shoot all the Chinese signs where lit and below are a few shots of that. He also provided the video below recorded with his camera that shows a helicoptor (and had seen both the Chinese coptors and Blackhawks in the air overhead) giving off large amount of dark green smoke. Possible faux damage from an attack for a scene?

He stayed in the area until 4AM, saying that the streets around Bethlehem Steel is closed so can "freely walk around like was Disney World." He even walked over the cast and crew trailers and saw Michael Bay. Also he is reporting that Josh Duhamel was on the set. Sadly most of the filmmaking is occurring deep within the factory so it’s not possible to pictures of the shooting in action.

Be sure to check out Jason's daytime and Tyrese pictures.

Bethlehem Steel, Copter "Damage"

Once again thanks to Jason H. for the images. The video above is my first time using the blogger video system but hopefully it will work for everyone.


  1. "This video is currently not available. Please try again later." - that's what I get...

  2. good video! got something simialar with my digital camera on the bridge. Bethlehem was definitely hopping with action last night. It was exciting!

  3. The video worked for me. The dark green smoke is either chopper damage or the soldiers trying to provide cover before they attack the Decepticon... But that's just my guess.

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