Thursday, August 28, 2008

Autobots Waiting Pictures

Slash Film has posted the below pics that show the Autobot fleet as they wait for a call to arms. The pictures where shot by Ricky C who reports "Hey guys! I got some really great pictures from the Transformers 2 set in Long Beach. I tried to get more pictures of that grey car but it sped away before i could snap some good pictures. I was literally ten feet away from all of these. It was intense! Later on guys!" To see them in motion, just check out the video from Gettodeath here. Thanks to Melvin and Chris for the link.


  1. they say it sappose to be 10 robots on each side you have

    1 optimus prime
    2 bubble bee
    3 rachet
    4 ironhide
    5 arcee
    6 twin 1
    7 twin 2
    8 silver car
    9 ?
    10 ?

    who are the last two ?

  2. the green and red car looks awful. couldn't they have found better cars for the role.

  3. I really want that silver car to be wheeljack.

  4. The last two Autobots are the Twins that form the Ice Cream Truck ;)

  5. The ice cream truck is not a set of twins. I wish people would stop saying that. It makes no sense to have 2 sets of twins. People are linking the "twins" on the call sheet for the Bethlehem shoot and linking it to the ice cream truck, but just because we didn't see the green and red cars in any pics doesn't mean they weren't there. That location was supposed to be china and this location is also china, so it makes sense.

  6. Maybe they were the ice cream truck and picked new alt modes.

  7. I think we saw evidence to the contrary here:

  8. they should of had hound in it were that white saab at isnt that sappose to be autobot were rachet and arcee

    you know it would be weird if the robots that were airplans or helecopter fly in the movie just like in the carttoon

    i woner what sound wave gona be they better do him right they already mest up sound wave with the bird look

  9. why would there be a auto but ice cream truck any way they need to quit playin and do thes robots sum justice if it was a lambo in the cartoon let make it a lambo if it was jeep let it be a jeep get what i sayin


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