Monday, January 05, 2009

LaBeouf's On TF2 Filming Danger

Other websites are posting about My Park Magazine's article the danger Shia felt filming Transformers 2. The article is really re-write of USA Today's orginial article from last week so old news really. Here is the relevant segment for those that missed the article.
"It makes you run fast because you are genuinely terrified," Fox says, looking sun-baked and weary. "And you still feel blanks. With that many guns going off, you don't really know."

It requires an act of faith in the troops who are aiming machine guns toward them.

"I've got 75 military officers firing at me, and I have shrapnel falling on my head that's bigger than my arms. It's hard to be normal," LaBeouf says, sweating after several hours of running and diving in the sand.

"Not that we don't trust (special effects coordinator James D.) Schwalm and the boys," he adds. "But even an eyelash flying at you at 700 miles an hour will cut you. You're running past them, and your clearance is only about 10 feet. These dudes are moving, and if one trips or falls and we run into the muzzle of a blank, that could blow your chest open or burn you."

The danger leads to camaraderie on set between stars and servicemembers. At the conclusion of one sequence, a soldier who spent the blazing day crouched in full battle gear beside a Humvee asks Fox and LaBeouf for an autograph as they pass, apologizing almost shyly as they take his pen and paper.

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  1. MILLER95talon1/06/2009 12:21 PM

    WOW, seems like Sam & Mikela lead some Decepticon scum into the firing range of the Military as an Ambuse/Surprise type of attack.

    Looks like they really hate Sam for what he did to their Leader Megatron.


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