Saturday, February 21, 2009

Transformers 2 Release Date Move Officially Confirmed

Via the official Transformers movie website, the rumored move of the stateside release date of Transformers 2 to June 24th has been officially confirmed. Even better, the website has a complete breakdown of the release dates in all major regions worldwide. Thanks to Florian for the link.

Click here to view the release date schedule.


  1. WHOA...a whole two dayz,in themean time bay bring on more info




    Enzo from Long Island

  3. What are your thoughts: Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?

    Won't the "Opening Day" be less financially successful on a Wednesday as opposed to a Friday?

    I was kind of hoping that maybe RotF's opening day would be close to approaching "The Dark Knight" 's or even "Spider-Man 3" 's opening day records, but those dreams are crushed now that it's Wednesday. (tear)

  4. i think you people don't quite get it..the first movie was release on Wednesday and did well...that weekend will definately crush the first movie..there is so much more anticipation for this movie because we really don't know what to expect. the trailers are only showing the slightest bit of details....Michael Bay has done a great job in hiding the movie plot and details...

  5. even better! =D

  6. Yeah, I saw the big poster thing at my theater and it said June 24th, if I do recall.

  7. its coming out on june 26 2009 on my country because i belong in asia pacific philipphines wow a big poster is already ready in our theater jesus christ i am so excited much better than batman the dark knight

  8. I know the first opened during the week but...I do believe that TF:ROTF would beat TDK if it opened on that Friday the 26th.

    I mean like $165 MILLION BUCKS IN 3 DAYS!!


  9. you no wat, screw school! ill skip school 2 see this movie if i have to! ive been waiting and literally dreaming of this movie. not 2 b obsessive or any thing, but my dream was about me and Optimus dating(go ahead laugh all you want) i wasn't expecting either. and we were fighting side-by-side against the Fallen. (i was a dark red transformer) ovcoarse i think that in the movie, Optimus will die. and in my dream, Optimus got shot and crushed by the Fallen. :'(
    I saw him die in my arms. i was devastated and i wanted to wake up. i no it sounds weird, but it made me cry in my dream and i woke up and my face was wet from tears. i cant even remember the last time i cried. :'(
    (laugh your head off. |:(...) but that dream really did make me cry. i just hope optimus wont die, or i'll cry at the movies. which is why i wont be wearing any make-up and i will be sitting in the very back row.

  10. you are fucking weird

  11. Did anyone remember to watch MTV Spoilers today? There was about a minute of behind-the-scenes Transformers footage, mainly comprised of things exploding and people getting thrown around.

    Anyway it's here:

  12. To anonymous at 11:05 PM:

    Will you go out with me? I have always been looking for a girl more obsessed with Transformers than me--THAT WAS AN AWESOME POST!! I want to take you there opening day

    You know what?? I'll even wipe your tears away if Optimus does in fact perish

  13. how do you know that was a girl

  14. "I saw him die in my arms. "
    optimus was pretty big, you sure you could offer him much comfort?

    you know forget it, that post was just weird. how you held him is the least of my worries.

  15. I agree with snortpocket....thats a little LA LA LA LA!!!...and how do you know they're a girl???

  16. judgin by dat post dat lunatic done made she mentioned somethin at da end about not wearin make-up---I guess dat means she a chick

    Do a hillbilly from WV really have to point dat stuff out? c'mon people u r smarter than ME!!

    p.s. I wonder if dat feller was for real about her and him datin

  17. c'mon people u r smarter than ME!!

    I think I've sneezed things that are smarter than you.

  18. "I think I've sneezed things that are smarter than you."

    ironic idnit dat I done picked up on what it is she was sayin and u didn't--hmmm

    where I come from dats called emerald seekin{get da mining reference?}AKA jealousy

    careful who u try to come after 'snotrocket'

  19. everybody picked up on the comment about makeup you dense fucking retard, but given that the context of the post was a robot sex dream, its not unfeasible that the poster was just some rouge-wearing poof with a mechy fetish.

    the only thing I might be jealous of is that I've never had the opportunity to travel to whatever country you're from since it's pretty fucking obvious English isn't your native language.

  20. Does u even know a thing or 2 about geology--I mean geography? I done said I'm from WV {West Virginia} in the United States---are ya even remotely familiar with that country?? Some folk even refer to it as the US and A

    ring a bell yet 'snotrocket'??

  21. ok, I get it - you're a troll, and a pretty obvious one at that. shame on me, I should have been able to tell that no one can actually be so stupid they can't even tell when they're being made fun of.

  22. You are so pathetic if you believed that I am some sort of 'backwards hick' from coal-minin' country. I have accounted for 7 {make it 8 now} anonymous posts--The one about the Itialian, the guy Toby with the $165 MIL prediction and the how you say 'rouge-wearing poof'

    The sad thing is I replied to my own post and noone here had any idea. After that I even 'plugged' my reply by asking if that 'feller was for real'

    Do us all a favor 'snotrocket' and delete your account!!!

    "ME" aka 'Enzo,' 'Toby,' 'the weirdo chick,' 'the lonely guy,' & 'the "Larry the Cable Guy" wannabe'

    PEACE-----I'm Outta Here!!!!

  23. wait, wait - you posted on this blog using multiple personalities, desperate for someone, ANYONE, to pay attention to you - and I'm the pathetic one?

    ok duder

    p.s. you don't need an account to post here, so my comment about you being a dense fucking retard stands

  24. You are pathetic indeed--that still stands!!

    Read my second paragraph where I CLEARLY stated "The sad thing is I replied to my own post"

    I would never deny such an accusation that I am pathetic--I must be if I'm responding to words I created in the first place....Crazy huh??

  25. no one cares go away

  26. EXACTLY-----go away 'snotrocket'

    OH---no one is actually noone and you should also use a comma in between cares & go. In addition, you should definitely have an exclamation point after away so 'snots' gets the message

    Wait a minute----that's you snotty with an 'anonymous' post? CLEVER GIRL!!

  27. no one cares go away

  28. this is 11:05,
    like i said, it was a weird dream and i had no intention of dreaming it. it surprised me just as much as all of you. in fact, i consider myself extremely weird. and by the way, i am a chick! god, would someone grow a brain for once, i mean come on, a dude dating optimus. thats a little too weird. and, another thing. no more online dating for me. i am single, but no omline dating. i did that on imvu and got caught. worst day of my life. i am flattered tho. thanks for askin. :)

  29. to 12:54
    11:05-i forgot to post this. im flattered but like i said in my last one, i cant date. id like to go with you if i knew you, but i cant. ur sweet tho. plus im takin some of my friends to see it(weather they want to or not.) XD odds are ill probably be going by myself. and im only like 14.

  30. That's alright--I didn't know you were 14. I am 22 :(

    Maybe in 4 years you will reconsider :)

    KEEP ON DREAMNIN' OF TF:ROTF{It will be awesome}

  31. So far,so good.:) TF:ROTF will be darker than the 1st one I think.

    And I will curse that 'Con if it(he) kills Optimus.

  32. i would kill optimus is the best transformers out of all of them. i do agree about the 2nd one being darker, but as along as theres a** kickin, its fine with me. lol. i really hope he doesnt die, or ill be depressed for a week or so. i watched the 1986 version, it sucked but that was back then. i did it so that i could no all the names and different transformers there were. you have to know what they're talkin about if you want it to be a good movie right?


  34. Wow some people on here are anal...anyway I can't wait for this movie!!! :)

  35. omg this movie is the shit!!! i saw the first trailer when i went to see that gay street fighter movie, which made street fighter seem even gayer. but just watching the trailer makes me wanna pass out and jizz all over the place!! THE SHIT!!! woooot~ im gonna watch this movie twice!!! but only pay once... but im gonna buy it when it comes out, im not even gonna download it!!! because stealing is wrong... no seriously, street fighter is gay as hell...

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