Monday, April 13, 2009

Interview About TF2 Video Game has posted an interview with Luxoflux's Joby Otero. He is the game designer for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen video game for XBox 360 and PS3. Based on the interview it appears the game will be using most of the game elements (play as Transformers, choose a side, etc) that were part of the first movie's game. Below are snippets of the interview with the full transcript here.
F G: Transformers the Game (2007) was a huge treat for fans and allowed players to follow the storyline of the first movie without completely copying the movie script itself. Can we expect the same thing from the second installment?
JRO: Our game begins and ends in the same places as the film and there are key events where we synchronize with the film. However, the film tells a story from a human perspective and ours is told from the perspective of the Transformers. Players can also expect to play sections that expand on the film and bring in additional characters.

F G: Something us Transformers fans absolutely love is giant Robot action! One of the best kickers to the 2007 game was the ability to "Choose your side". Will Revenge of the Fallen give the same capabilities?
JRO: Most definitely. There's an Autobot campaign and a Decepticon campaign and they can be played in either order.

F G: A big question most gamers have is will Revenge of the Fallen feature online gaming capabilities?
JRO: Yes, and we're particularly excited about our multiplayer. For the first time in a Transformers game, players can take their favorite characters online in intense matches where the game's mix of driving, flying, shooting, melee and acrobatic transformation, results in something not quite like any other online experience. It's fast and intuitive, yet difficult to master and we hope players will agree that it's an addictive, full-on, ‘Transformers' experience!

F G: Transformers the Game also features "side missions" that unlocked certain bonus materials such as movie trailers and photos, will ROTF feature anything of the sort?
JRO: We're proud to say that Hasbro has really opened up their vaults to a lot of cool content for us. Our game has lots of bonus material, but the system is different this time. Extra content is unlocked by completing a variety of objectives, some of which are in story missions, some are in non-story missions and others are elsewhere. We'll have to leave it at that – all secret and stuff.

F G: Yet another cool bonus in the first game was that it featured characters that were not in the first film, and as far as we can tell, have not been slated for an appearance in the second film. Can we expect bonus characters from ROTF?
JRO: There will definitely be surprises. We have familiar characters as well as variations that I can't say much about yet. We also worked closely with Hasbro and reference from the two movies to create many new characters that are uniquely designed for the game. There's a little something for everyone – Autobot or Decepticon.
Update:FYI, as the new pic above shows, the offical video game site has updated with screenshots and other information.


  1. as cool as that was it really doesnt answer my questions...but im patient

  2. I want to know if I can be devastator in the video game!


  3. A big WOOT WOOT for online gameplay! Can't wait to go around owning people with Skids or Mudflap XD

    - the nub

  4. uhhhhhhhhhhh hate to tell you the ROTF game isnt 4 computer i reserved it it comes out the 23 of june its going to give spoilers if i beat it on the 23 cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i beat the 1st game in an hour)

  5. "uhhhhhhhhhhh hate to tell you the ROTF game isnt 4 computer i reserved it it comes out the 23 of june its going to give spoilers if i beat it on the 23 cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (i beat the 1st game in an hour)"

    Uuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Hate to tell you dumb ASS!

    But you can play online with X-BOX OR PS3..


    Fuckin retard

  6. on a side note: running time of the movie 147 minutes.

  7. YAY ONLNIE PLAY :D, i wodner if the fallen is playable if he is that would be awesome

  8. if they do online play the right way it could be phat! what are the odds of it actually having good gameplay? i so hope!

  9. Heres a piece of concept art from the game site showing Bumblebee taking on Demolisher/Scavenger

  10. thnx 4 that...^^^^^^one of my question answered

  11. the interviewer should've just told the guy straight up how shitty the first game was an if it was going to be a repeat of that, rather than just flattering him with utter nonsense

    also should've asked about a multiplayer component

  12. it was a terrible ass kissing interview, from both parties.

    but he did ask about multiplayer, 3rd question in this snippet.

  13. oops, you're right, he did ask about the multiplayer component

    regardless, my main point (and yours) remains

  14. The Variants are definently remakes or repaints of Starscream. Thus that makes them the seekers. Then again it could just be Drones like the first game.

    Oh and see this concept art that was already posted:

    Is anyone else seeing four Bumbleebee`s one in robot mode, three in vehicle mode. Could this mean you get to Play as Demolisher/Scavenger while destroying Bumbleebee and a few Drones.

    Here are a few questions that should have been asked:

    1. Is it Multiplayer? (E.g. With other people using the same console in the same room)

    2. How many Autobots are there all together that are playable? (Not counting repaints)

    3. How many Decepticons are there all together that are playable? (Not counting repaints)

    4. Which robots can change into weapons?

    5. How many robots change into weapons?

    6. What weapons are there?

    Will this be available on PS2 because when i wanted it last year the best console for it was the PS2 Version so i brought it so will it be available on PS2 so i dont have to get a PS3 or XBox 360?

    P.s. Also i have read that thing i just want to know will it be released on other consoles as last time it was released on Computer, PS2, PS3, XBOX 360 and others.

  15. Rockstar should be making this game!

  16. I checked on the offical website (link below):

    And have made a shocking discovery it seems while searching through concept art i discovered a few SPOILERS about dead charecters. Here is a description of some of the art:

    In one art piece a shot between Ironhides legs is shown and we see the bad yet cool Decepticon Blackout.

    In another piece of art we see a shot of Optimus prime facing off against a resurected Decepticon Brawl or as Bay calls him Devastator.

    Thats it for returning charecters however a new Major SPOILER is here. In a longshot Ironhide is stood watching Optimus Prime as he walks through a city towards a beam of light caused by one of the machines that is used to replenish the Allspark. Could this mean that Prime is going for one final confrontation or is Sacrificing himself? Is the Egyption location removed from the script as the Machine is now in the city rather than the pyramid? Are there more than one Machine on Earth?

    All these questions will be answered when the Game is released also i have found out it will be released on the folloing consoles:

    Computer game
    XBOX 360
    Nitendo DS

    Although they still havent answered if the game will be a Mutiplayer i hope it is as i would love to be able to be Sideswipe and attack Sideways who is bieng controlled by my friend when he comes round.

  17. Chinese Rulez4/14/2009 4:47 PM

    Hehehe... can find cheap copy in Beijing... :P who want?

  18. -Hehehe... can find cheap copy in Beijing... :P who want?-

    Never mind the game but if you could send everyone on this blog a free Leader class Jetfire and Leader class Optimus prime toys we will be eternally gratefull LOL :)

  19. Chinese Rulez4/14/2009 5:25 PM

    hear chep chep! you want?

  20. I made the HUGE mistake of buying the first game for my Wii, I really hope they fixed the mechanics for this game. The first game had so many problems, I wouldn't know where to begin. You can't transform while in midair; you can crash through busses and arches without slowing down, but running into one of those stone tree pots stops you DEAD.
    You're given an arsenal of bullets and bombs, but all the enemies hide behind impenitrable forcefields (which for some reason are destroyed by a chain link fence or sapling being flicked into them, but invulnerable to mega-smashers and particle beams).
    I'm sure I'm not alone in expressing my terror at the idea that this game will be as bad as or worse than the first.

  21. @ scorpio
    Although they still havent answered if the game will be a Mutiplayer i hope it is as i would love to be able to be Sideswipe and attack Sideways who is bieng controlled by my friend when he comes round

    ya there is multiplayer but only on the 360 and ps3

  22. Man I am the only one fascinated with the size of that Decepticon facing off with Bumble Bee. Devastator will be surely huge.

  23. I read some very disturbing news about the game on the Wii on IGN. Apparently, the Wii version will be identical to the PS2 version which means 1) crappy graphics 2) no online 3) watered down altogether. It will be a railed reacing/driving game with occasional transforming and fighting and a couple of robot mostly levels. Only 15 levels for each side (the DS version has 25 for each) and online is only a hope now. Why the HECK would they not utilize Wi-Fi connection. It kept people playing James Bond (although both the movie and game sucked) until COD 5 came out so online would add greatly to the replay value. But anyway, the fact that it is a Transformers game with a ton of G1 characters makes it a must buy regardless.


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