Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Fan Made Trailers

Here are two more trailers that combine various Transformers trailers and TV spots that combined with solid music results in re-edits as good, if not better, then the orginials.

The first was found by RY and does a great job of editing to the music (which kicks in at the 1:29 mark) and the second one was created by TIMtationX and combines clips from the first and second movie together for one trailer. For the second video below, the song is Let It rock by Kevin Rudolf featuring Lil Wayne (thanks Scott for the info).

Click here for another trailer that merges lines from the cartoons and music from the Matrix with a trailer.


  1. that scene where op is kicking starscreams ass is so epic

  2. Well, if the Shazam on my BlackBerry is correct, the song in the second video is "Let It Rock" by Kevin Rudolf....hope that helps.

    Justin X

  3. The song in the 2nd video is Let it Rock by Kevin Rudolf ft. Lil Wayne.

  4. hay guys .. can any one tellme why in this trailer the quality very very high???
    can i find this quality for the first movie too?
    did i miss this in the first movie?

  5. That music @ 1:19 on the first video is fucking awful.

  6. The 1st two were pretty good the 3rd(sorry to say)sucks, but I would have to vote for the first one as being the best you got talent homie the 2nd one isn't bad but listening to Lil Wayne killed it for me I guess it's because I think he sounds like Buggs Bunny when he raps!

  7. heres a fan trailer you should put up


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