Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bay On Crew Screenings

I guess Transformers 2 director Michael Bay has been getting questions about when his crew gets to watch the final cut of the movie so he provided an answer on his website.
Press is asking about crew screeings

They seem to want to know about my crew screenings. Not sure why the press is interested? We had 2500 crew members from many parts of the US and some in the Middle East and London. We have an IMAX crew screening Sunday night. We have an ILM screening Monday night and Paramount invited some of my key crew members to the LA premiere I think Tuesday we are putting together a crew screening which is being planned at Paramount. Thursday we have an IMAX screening in Washington for the Pentagon people involved in the film. And we have one set up in Jordan. BTW the press is not invited.
Wow that is a lot of people that worked on that movie. The credits must go on quite a long time. I wonder what their reactions are when they see the finished product of all their hard work, and what happens if they don't like the result (with all that CGI many just had to imagine how it would go).

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  1. you're happy for the work, and you hope it makes money so you get more work in the future,


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