Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IMAX Cut Length?

According to in a post about the M&Ms advertisement and Tokyo premiere, the "slightly longer cut" of the IMAX version of Transformers 2 is less then a minute longer. The IMAX cut is supposed to have 4 extended scenes filmed in the IMAX 70mm format so another important question is how many minutes are in the 70mm filmed scenes (as I would assume more then 30 seconds). Thanks to Hitman450 for the link.


  1. I'm sure Michael Bay wouldnt spend as much time as he has on the IMAX version just to give us little snippets in full IMAX especially since Michael Bay & the cast have been going on about it forever. Each scene will probably have to be at least 5 minutes so thats about 20 minutes in total. The Dark Knight had 6 scenes in IMAX and they were able to get like 5 minutes or longer on each scene.

    And about the slightly longer version, i went to go and see the 1st transformers in the IMAX and that also had "extra scenes" but from what i remember wasnt much longer and didnt really make that much of a difference, we will just have to wait and see i guess.

  2. Just because the Devastator scenes were shot in IMAX, doesn't mean that they're the exclusive extended ones. The Dark Knight had a bunch of scenes in IMAX, but they were in the normal version, too.

  3. alot can happen in less than a minute if it is action sequences

    And Steven is right, the Dark Knight scenes were not extended. They were merely larger perspectives of mainly exterior shots of gotham city which were also included in the standard screen version of the film but you don't see as much compared to the IMAX version.

    Ali, you're wrong about each scene being 5 minutes. That is pretty much cutting a whole new other version of the movie and plus an IMAX projector cannot contain that much footage. There is a maximum cap run time for IMAX movies and adding 20 minutes, goes beyond that cap. That is nearly 3 hours

  4. You need to stop using the word "extended" in conjunction with "4 IMAX Scenes". The four IMAX scenes and the "slightly longer cut" are two separate entities, although the extra footage may very well be within the IMAX scenes.

    Out of the entire film, four scenes will fill the IMAX screen top to bottom, while in every other theatre the scenes will be presented in 16:9 (or 2.35:1 if they keep the aspect ratio consistent with the rest of the film), losing the additional imagery at the top and bottom.

  5. I wasnt refering to them being exclusive extended ones or to there being over 20 minutes of IMAX footage added to the whole film. What i ment was lets say for instance the films 2 n a half hours long,outta that 2 n a half hours,20 minutes might be in IMAX footage.

    Also i might have gone OTT with the dark knight comment but they werent just exterior shots of gotham city. There was the whole Armoured chase scene and other fight sequences, im pretty certain there was 20 minutes of footage filmed in IMAX camera's for that film.

  6. Why is everyone comparing this film to the dark knight? :)

    Well if you are going to see the film probably best seeing it in Imax. However if you just want to see the extra fight scenes watch it on DVD when the full version with extras is released.


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