Monday, June 22, 2009

Megan Fox Talks Flower Kid

Apparently there is a picture (left) going around showing Megan Fox ignoring a kid trying to offer her a flower at I don't know what event (but probably Revenge of the Fallen related). Since people believe pictures far more than they should, I guess it’s painted her in a bad light so asked her about what happened.


  1. Apologetic Megan is HOT.

  2. lol thats kinda funny

  3. hah poor kiddo is there a full interview out of this?I wanna see more

  4. Ok so I saw the movie last night (UK), enjoyed it immensely (unsurprising!!) but I was surprised with the amount of 'questions' they posed and never even attempted to answer. I would say I came out of the theatre asking more questions than the 1st movie. The first one was such a leap in movie-making it was historical. This one should have taken an even bigger leap... but it doesn't. I think someone has made this point previously... but the movie is called Transformers!... so why the hell don't they?? One minute they're in bot mode, they wak off the edge of the screen then re-appear in alt mode. Now I know it's time & money expensive to animate each if these transformations but I can't help thinking it's just lazy! They should have made the movie shorter which would have saved budget and spent it where necessary.

    I am not a hater and am not slagging it off. Everyone know's they can't satisfy everyone with the movie they make so I haven't got a problem with the story they used, but it was way they seemed to fail to 'round-off' the story. The plot holes were astronomical!

    I'm not gonna refer to any specific parts as I know it's not out in US yet and don't wanna give anything away (I knew more going in than I really wanted to but that's may own fault for following this superb blog almost every day for the last 2+ years). Put it this way, there parts that people have reported that I was pleasently surprised with (positively) and there were bits that just plain didn't work.

    The animation is again out of this world but just one tip Bay... just... slow... down...!

  5. ^ i agree

    What was with the Twins? They didn't get a transformation scene, apart from the behind the curtains one at the start(ish) of the movie!

  6. didnt seem all too real

  7. That interviewer totally sounded nervous as he talked to Fox in that clip... :p

  8. Actually, Megan does stop for fans.

  9. That's me. I'm the kid.
    Megan I accept your apology.
    Have dinner with me and let me make sweet love to you.
    That will make things right with the world.

  10. At anonymous at 9:27

    LOL!!! I doupt we'd be hearing that from a nine year old. Unless he was on hormone enhancing drugs.

  11. I don't think Megan did anything wrong, and by wrong I mean anything that 99% of the women in the free world wouldn't have done. Boy may as well learn now, pretty doesn't always mean nice, and most of the time it means just the opposite. It's not what's inside that counts, greed is good, and unfortunately, nice guys generally do finish last. With any luck he'll channel his heartbreak into studies and self improvement as opposed to his friends who will waste time chasing girls and women who are generally just as bitchy as Fox or any other actress, but just don't have the money to get away with it on the scale that they do.

  12. LOL.
    i love transformer the movie. saw it today :)
    i know megan fox is hot and all and i love her too [; but..
    in this picture:

    the flower .. looks so close. unless megan is walking with her eyes closed.. or she blind? or she is really ignoring him lol

  13. I just found an awesome q&a with the cast members of Transformers 2. There were clips with MEGAN FOX where she talked about SHIA LABEOUF and how she thinks she is “useless” to herself. Josh Duhamel and Tyrese also talk about the movie and which Transformer they would want to be. Personally I am an optimus prime fan! Here’s the link:
    Hope you enjoy as much as I did!!

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  15. I think you guys should cut megan she has got a lot of fans, and she is probably tired of all the raging fans but... i surpose she could of a least taken the god dam rose but thats celebs for you don't give a shit! about any1 else!

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