Monday, June 22, 2009

New Bootleg Transformers 2 Clips

Spoiler Warning! New clips from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen has hit YouTube. Many of them are teases worthy of a commercial but regardless they do new portions of the movie including the Ice Cream Truck twins (and why they had a Decepticon symbol on their side), Prime's bad-ass introduction (the video below),

Since people are a bit sensitive to spoilers right now so below is my favorite clip of the group and I will link to the rest. That way if you choose to click them, it is all on you. Thanks to Mauricio for the videos.

Ice Cream Twins 1 | Ice Cream Twins 2 | Hello Prime
Run Forest Run | Ironhide Transforms


  1. i like how the twins are clumsy, even when transforming.

  2. reximus prime6/22/2009 5:50 PM

    Awesome... You can hear "Arrival to Earth" theme when Optimus comes out of the plane...

    ...which is sadly NOT on the released score.

  3. wht did Sideswipe say?

  4. I mentioned the Decepticon symbol on the Twins and their message back on the 19th...
    Nice to see these again before Paramount nix 'em...

  5. Don't be so offended by the spoilers people, this site (and it's loyal readers) have been devoted to acquiring all this info for years now. If you're on this site, you wanted to know what will happen in the movie.

    What is fair game is to comment about the poor quality and length of the videos. But it doesn't really matter now, I'm 31 hours away for seeing it for myself.

  6. to RY

    He say "Damn!I'm pretty good!"

    This is Russian Premier I understand this lang.I'm Russian

  7. Just 18 more hours and i can finally see it..!
    That's 18.00 here in Holland and it is now 00.17

  8. You should enjoy it, but if you're anything like me, you'll feel short-changed by the portrayal of the Decepticons again, as well as the fairly abrupt ending. The Twins were entertaining enough, mainly due to excellent (I suspect improvised) dialogue, but too much screen time was given to them. Megs and Starscream are very G1, and Prime is great (albeit with about the same amount of screen time as the first movie). Seeing these clips again reminded me how much I did enjoy it.

  9. I wish the Jap cammer did the entire movie... the quality was great...

  10. dude some dinky theater is showing the movie tonight!

    im going 2 drive the 40 miles to see it it 2nite at 12

    i knew i shouldn't have bought my tickets 4 2morrow

  11. The clip of Optimus cuts out just before you see his Autobot symbol parachutes. Best use of the symbol in the movie (though you see the Decepticon symbol everywhere...)

  12. hey thing did they change Ironhide's voice?
    his british now

  13. Yeah baby! That was some good shtuff!

    Also...Ironhide had a slight UK accent in the first movie.

  14. i didnt want to spoil anything for myself but i had to watch the first 1 minutes and it was freekin amazing i swear this movie is beast and michael bay did a good job and better camra angles

  15. To earlier posts:

    When Sideswipe appears, he says something like 'clear the way/path' (can't remember exactly - I'll have to see the film again! Hehe)

    And yeah, Ironhide had an English accent in the first; most noticeable when he says both 'shall I terminate?' lines (plus the clear English way of pronouncing 'option') and when he shouts 'it's Starscream!'

  16. Luis Cotovio6/22/2009 8:50 PM

    Sideswipe is awesome, though underused. And the scene with Prime dopping from the version of "Arrival to Earth" rocks, pity it's not on the score. Hope a full score comes up soon. Just 19 more hours 'till i get to see this...

  17. Hey guys I just found this clip on youtube, its just over seven minutes of footage, the first bit is the opening monologue with Optimus narrating and the rest of it is the forest fight scene with OP, Megs Starscream and Blackout/Grindor/w/e/ as well as the aftermath

    You also get to see Soundwave briefly at the end

  18. Here you go folks!



    Not the greatest quality! But ;) Its still TF2

  19. Scratch that last post, the guy who posted the scene got his account banned about 45 minutes after he posted the clip. Unfortunate, it was really bloody sweet, there was another scene where Megatron was smacking around Starscream for screwing up in the fight (they're on top of a skyscraper just like in the trailer)

    And Soundwave did speak says "The time has come Decepticons" as more protoforms come to earth, and it did sound a lot like Dr.Claw when he spoke

  20. mclaren

    Already gone paramount had it pulled.

  21. Ow,sideways dies in a very tragic yet silly condition..he's truly a coward..

  22. Who yells "Decepticons!" at the beginning of the forest scene? Is that Grindor?

  23. OMG! Im so Desperate!
    I really want 2 c that footage,
    But I keep telling Myself Ican wait! Its scary! well 2moro is waiting for me! and as soon as Ive seen the movie, I'll watch these lil clips like a billion times! LOL

  24. the way is see it is like this

    we asked for the following

    more robots: check
    more robot screen time: check
    more robot characterization: check
    optimus prime kicking ass: check
    more speaking lines for the robots: check
    more screen time for starscream: check
    to include the megatron/starscream dynamic: check
    to make optimus prime live up to his name: check
    to include devastator: check
    to include soundwave: check
    to have the robot battles be longer: check
    to have them be clearer: check

    so ok
    we got ALL those things

    and now people are still complaining: why some characters didnt get enough screen time, seriously? with the amount of money that it costs to just animate one robot, yo should be estactic that bay even opted to include so many of our favorites, even if they just make small cameos and don't do much, the fact that the main characters are respected and have a greater presence should make us ALL happy.

    seriously, just look at xmen, they had a human cast and only developed 3 characters, wolverine, magneto and xavier, the rest got set aside.

    so listen just be happy. and enjoy the film! bay did what he could.

  25. aaaaaaaaaaand they're gone.

  26. well said 3.32
    lets just enjoy the movie

  27., Channel "Movies 2" - watch TF:ROTF in its entirety (in theater cam)

  28. mofreeze doesn't work, justin tv - channel cody123456

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