Monday, June 01, 2009

Shia: We Blow Up Everything has posted an interview with Shia Labeouf from their cover story for Famous Magazine's June issue where he discusses filming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Below are choice snippets and the full article is here. Thanks to Katie for the link.
“Mike has been better this time, he’s more comfortable and he’s doing different stuff,” says LaBeouf, looking buff but for the cast on his broken hand, during an interview in Los Angeles last autumn. “It’s wild to watch Mike grow up and to acknowledge it. Every filmmaker, every movie out, something changes. You either gain something or you lose something, and I think this time Mike has gained a lot. I also think working with Steven is really transforming Mike. His preparation is very different on this one than it was on the first one.”

[Regarding request for Megan to gain some weight] “Megan Fox is gorgeous, still,” LaBeouf gallantly affirms. “And no, I didn’t think she was too skinny when she came back to do this. Megan has never looked bad. There’s always something that Michael says, but he’s been good.”

“It’s bigger, faster and stronger than what we did the first time,” he says. “We’re blowing everything up. I was just at Holloman Air Force Base, where we blew up an entire town! There are new characters that are interesting. Our banter is fast and it’s fun, it’s table tennis.”

“There’s cool stuff that happens to Sam. Sam starts to lose his mind. He starts having visions of his grandfather, Archibald Witwicky, and that’s fun to play around with. And recess time with John Turturro [who plays the addled fed constantly at odds with Sam] is always fun…. It’s like Groundlings Theater,” LaBeouf says, referencing the L.A. comedy troupe whose alumni include Will Ferrell and Lisa Kudrow. “You’re ad libbing all day long. One of the beautiful things about Mike is that he’ll allow it. You can do free-form thought the whole day.”

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