Sunday, June 14, 2009

Week In Review

Another busy week in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen news so another link fest to find any stories that you might have missed.

TV Spots and Clips
Wheelie vs Mikaela - English with Japanese subtitles of a scene from the movie
NEST vs Demolisher Clip - English with Japanese subtitles of a scene from the movie
TV Spots #9 to #13 - Five more TV spots, each with just a touch of new footage
Soundwave Images - Look at the CGI for the character from TF2 UK website

Premiere Reports, Images
World Premiere Video, Pictures, and Spoilers - All that from Tokyo premiere of hte movie with first impressions of the movie.
Official World Premiere Video - A video of the cast in Japan for the movie.
World Premiere Extended Cut Video - Two minutes longer look at world premiere of movie in Tokyo, Japan
South Korea Premiere Pics - Gallery of the cast at the premiere in Seoul.
South Korea Premiere Videos - Videos and pictures of the movies premiere in Seoul.
London Sneak Peak - Report from the sneak peak on Friday with spoilers

Score Front Cover - Look at the cover for the upcoming score to movie
Score Track List, Back Cover - List of tracks from Score album and back cover art
New Divide Music Video - Linkin Park's single, with new movie footage
New Divide Making of Video #1 - First video about making the music video
New Divide Making of Video #2 - Second video about making the music video

Shia Talks TF2 Secrets - Shia talks story, hand injury in AP article
Stars, Writers Talk Trilogy - Brief video, interview talking about a third film.
Megan Fox ET Interview - Video of the actress talking her career and fame.
Megan Fox EW Interview - Article, pictures, video of the actress discussing career and fame.

Video Game
E3 Multi-Player Mode - Video that the versus mode from the game.
Game Walkthrough - A 16 minute long walkthrough that shows off the game features

Deluxe Blaze Master Pics - Images of the toy, probably not in movie.
Deluxe Jolt and Scorponok Pictures - More pics of the toys
Ice Cream Truck Twins - Gallery of the Deluxe Twins toy
Malaysia KFC TF Toys - Images of the toys from the company
Human Alliance Bumblebee Review - Two part review of the toy
Petronas TF Toys - Pictures of toys that the Mayaysian company is offering
Arcee, Swerve, Mixmaster - Image of each of the toys with Mixmaster in G1 colors

Transformers 2 Delays Harry Potter 6 IMAX Debut - Contract results in two week delay for HP6 on IMAX screens
M&M Michael Bay - Image of Bay as a scruffy M&M
IMAX vs minIMAX - Info on various IMAX viewing sizes
Transformers 2 Auditions - Humorous videos of various appliances auditioning for movie
Michael Bay's Payday - A look at Bay's pay for first movie
Sneak Peak June 16th - Somehow (details sketchy) owners of first movie can view ROTF special features online
CGI Megan Fox - Amusing video about creating a CGI Megan Fox
Viral Sites Update - Two viral sites update starting true TF2 campaign
Viral Transformers Spottings - Viral campaign that shows Transformers being accidently recorded
Bay Honored - Transformers inventor gives Bay TF statue
Hot Topic Contest - Transformers contest and tie-in products from the store


  1. Got some newish News for you . . .

    Battle of the Fallen (Robot hero`s set)

    Shia talks ROTF game Interview

    Shia talks Megan fox relationship and ROTF

  2. Thanks for posting this. An easy way to navigate all the recent news instead of going through various posts to try and find something specific.

  3. Actor talks about a near-death experience when a Helicopter stunt in ROTF goes horribly wrong

    Isabel lucas talks about her role in ROTF including the CGI Work

  4. shia talks about the game


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