Sunday, July 26, 2009

Transformers 2 Enters Top 10 Domestic Box Office (Updated)

Update: Actuals are in for Transformers 2. Nothing really budged much. Domestic weekend gross was $8.1M ($379.2M total), international $6.3M ($412.3M total) bringing worldwide gross to date total to $791.5. Chart below updated accordingly. HP6's worldwide total is $625.3M, at this rate it will surpass TF2's total by end of this weekend.

The weekend estimates are in and while Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen continues its inevitable drop down the box office top 10, it did manage to meet a new milestone by surpassing The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the Kings and Spider-Man 2 to enter the top 10 in the All Time Domestic Box Office with a US estimated total of $379.1 million. Next on that list is Star Wars Episode III ($380.3M) which it will likely pass either when the actuals come in or Monday. After that is Spider-Man ($403.7M). Sadly I doubt the movie will track higher then 8th as 7th place belongs to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest ($423.3M).

As for the weekend estimates, G-Force took first ($32.2M), Harry Potter 6 was second ($30.0M), The Ugly Truth was third ($27.0M), Orphan fourth ($12.8M), Ice Age 3 fifth ($8.2M) and Transformers 2 was sixth with $8 million. Harry Potter's huge 61.5% drop pretty much seals the deal that Transformers 2 will remain the top movie of the year in the United States but its international totals are simply outstanding at $405.3 million (which doesn't even include this weekend yet), which took only 12 days to reach versus TF2's 33 days. This brings HP6's worldwide total to $627.1 million so still on track for a billion dollar total. Revenge of the Fallen's worldwide total is $785.1 million and may cross the $800 million threshold by Tuesday.

Box Office Totals (in millions)

*estimate of sales


  1. I think this one is gonna surpass $400M in domestic gross. What a amzing score !

    What's your opinion?

  2. HP6 is 461 in Boxofficemojo, where did you see the 627 million?


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