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What Extras Want on ROTF DVD/Blu-Ray?

Chances are all the extra features for the DVD/Blu-ray edition of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen are locked down and more or less complete. However, for the sake of argument let’s say there is still time to add more.

Things I know I don't want include the extended advertisements that are HBO First Look type features that are focused on selling the movie while the stars, directors and producers taking turns kissing each other’s rears. If people are watching the extra features then it’s safe to assume the sales pitch is already successful and it is no longer needs to continue. Instead they should focus on the who, what, when, where and how.

With that in mind here are some features I want to see, starting with the commentaries. I wouldn't mind a director and a full cast commentary. Yeah I know the cast feels too important to bother but consider it good PR with your fan base. By full “cast” I mean the voice cast too as they deserve some attention. In addition give the spotlight to those folks that really carried the film - those magicians at ILM and Digital Domain. Let them explain how they do what they do. A final commentary would be a fan commentary. Get two or three knowledgeable (and fair) fans that will breakdown all the eye candy, point out the G1 references, provide the back story and of course occasionally nitpick.

The next group is the "How they do that?" part. Do an anatomy of a scene (say The Forest Fight or Desert Battle) from words on page, to discussion, sketches, design, storyboard, to film, to CGI creations, to edit, sound mix and the final cut. Show the huge effort that went into what was on screen. A separate feature should be on the Transformers creations again from the tossing of ideas all the way up to the final CGI creation in the computer. The writer’s deserve some attention to so let them follow the process from tossing around ideas to treatment, the effect of the writers’ strike and then the race to deadline. Also Bay likes to brag how he keeps films on time and on budget. I say prove it. Show the many decisions, big and small that led to what show up on screen and $4 million under budget. Basically, consider it a crash course in how to be a director and manager, the Bay way. Another behind the scenes should be "Bay-hem" that focuses on that love of pyrotechnics, how the explosions are done and how Bay gets that look, camera angles and so forth that is his signature. Final feature I would love to see is how a Transformers toy is created. What is the process from an idea to sketch to prototype to factory construction to package on store shelf?

With Blu-ray, all these features could be tied together in an amazing way. Watchmen's Maximum Movie mode is the perfect model to tie all this together and something that Transformers 2 should seriously consider emulating.

I know I am not thinking of everything, so what extra features would you like to see for the DVD/Blu-ray edition of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?


  1. I want orci on it discussing with bay

  2. The only real important things for the Blu-Ray edition are:

    - Director's Cut/Extended version of the movie with all the finalized deleted scenes re-integrated for a longer runtime, not just the IMAX scenes (Michael Bay in an interview was telling that there are 6-7minutes of deleted scenes.. re-integrating those in the movie will ensure more copies sold while having those just as selectable extras won't matter to the majority of people and few would watch them)
    - DTS Master Audio HD lossless 7.1 audio track

  3. Audio track with the original G1 voice actors (like Welker doing Megatron and Cullen doing Ironhide etc...).

  4. I hope ROTF DVD has a lot more extras than than the first film. I was a bit disappointed that a movie of that size only had a few things; I want deleted scenes and such!

    So yeah, deleted scenes are a must (with the option of playing the film with, or without, them).

  5. i want spin-off animation(ironhide or sideswipe)

  6. what about jolt ?????
    he was only two time in the movie ?
    is there any extra about him and the other primes ???

  7. How about the freaking complete score since the released version is missing some 30 tracks from the movie.

  8. i think it would be really cool if they did another voice actor documentary but show more of the booth time of each voice actor. i hope they realize how interested most fans are of this process. :)

  9. I wouldn't mind seeing 4 different versions of the full devestator combination, showing what it took to make it, that way you can see how complex the combination of 6-7 robots, to form one big robot was. Like the 4 could be WIRE-WORK version, ANIMATIC version, UNTEXTURED version, FINAL VERSION. Maybe have it in a full documentary in and of itself, with comentary by the ILM guys. "CREATING DEVESTATION: THE COMBINDING OF DEVESTATOR." or SEVEN BECOME ONE: COMBINING DEVESTATOR.

  10. A CGI ROBOT SHOWROOM!!!! 360 view
    Quicktime VR-Object

    That would be awesome!!!, but in HD too!

  11. While the first film’s DVD had about 2.5 hours of bonus features to offer, I still felt that they left a lot of stuff out. Here’s what I want on the “RotF” DVD:

    DISC 1:
    >Extended Version of the Film. (Including deleted scenes, and the IMAX footage and stuff)

    -Audio Commentary 1: Director Michael Bay, Producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Executive Producer Steven Spielberg (let’s hear form HIM once in a while, eh?), and Writers Orci and Kurtzman (possibly on a separate commentary track)
    -Audio Commentary 2: Main Cast (Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson and John Turturro) (and possibly Ramon and Isabel too)
    -Audio Commentary 3: Industrial Light & Magic VFX Supervisor, Digital Domain VFX Supervisor, ILM Animation Supervisor, Special Effects Supervisor, KNB EFX Supervisor) (I’m a big fan of VFX so, this would be my favourite commentary, AND with the VFX being so awesome and important to this film, they should discuss this stuff in great detail in other bonus materials too)

    >Deleted/Extended Scenes

    >Bloopers (with the amount of comedy in this film, it seems proper to have several minutes of flubbed lines and tripping and falling, and cursing from forgetting lines, etc.)

    >Trailers and TV Spots (this would include both “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” trailers and TV Spots (all 20 of them!) AND other films trailers.

    >Linkin Park’s “New Divide” music video

    DISC 2:
    >”Photo Galleries” (showcasing all of the concept art images and photos taken on set)

    >”Voice Actor Interviews” (talk about returning voice actors {Weaving, Wilson, Cullen, Harnell, etc.}, new voice actors {Todd, Kenny, etc.} and show scenes of them recording their lines. And even show a short scene from the film {Megatron talking with The Fallen and Starscream} split-screened with shots of them recording lines)

    >”Visual Effects Breakdown” (Now, if I had my way, this would be a six hour documentary talking about the concept art, the animation, the compositing, etc. of all the major VFX sequences of the film. I think that 1 hour is a reasonable length. Also, it should highlight how difficult it was to create Devastator)

    >”Bay-hem” (Since Michael Bay obviously likes to blow stuff up, it would seem fitting that there be a short featurette on the explosions and pyrotechnics of the film)

    >”The Music Makes the Movie” (I’m sure I’m not the only person out there who gets goosebumps when Jablonsky’s score is heard. So, here they could show him writing the music, conducting, talking about influences, etc.)

    >”Production Diaries” (Now this would be the bulk of the bonus materials, comprising of short clips of every day of filming, equaling about 2 hours in length) (Or just a two hour ‘Making of-Documentary’ that summarizes the many different aspects of making this film. Either the “Making of-“ OR “Production Diaries” would be good.)

    Again, I’d love it if the DVD had about 20 hours of bonus features, but I know that’s ridiculous, but at least have more than the first film!

  12. ***************please*************
    can any one tell me when the HBO FIRSTLOKK at ROTF came out ,it' was suposed to be in june 25 ??????????????????

  13. NOT Steve Jobbbs7/09/2009 12:07 PM

    Similar to how they explained some G1 things that were in the first movie on its DVD. They should explain their inspiration for the plot and why they put The Fallen in it on the ROTF DVD.

  14. Deleted scenes, comments from Actors/Director, Peter Cullen feature length commentary option, concept art and comments/features from Hasbro.


  16. I want extended scenes of dogs humping each other and Wheelie humping Megan's leg.

  17. I love that idea Blog guy with the "making of the TF toys"

    They could show from the point they get the first CGI art to the molds and then the finished product of one specific toy--perhaps Leader Prime or the Supreme DEV.

    I remember the JAZZ Deluxe toy from 2007 had that crappy weapon but it was nice to see that an early render showed him with it so it wasn't Hasbro making $h!t up as they please.

    I also like your commentary idea but this is a Bay-Hem pic so it will sell regardless of who is talking over the action.

    The most important thing I want in the DVD features is for the 3 writers & Bay to sit at a round table and answer fan questions and even some tough ones for example Where is 'Cade, why was Soundwave's voice changed & even some plot hole questions etc. I want to know these answers so I am sure other fans would as well.


  18. I agree with deleted/extended scenes; and I definately want to see a commentary with the actors

  19. I fear that the "making of the movie..Bay style " would take about 2 mins or so

    The writers would not be able explain much judging by the storyline , so i guess thats off the DVD too

    The actors wont have much to speak about either other than their screaming and running skills

    I guess put in two hours of the ILM and toy stuff ...thats the real work

  20. what about jolt ????? can anyone answer me please ...

  21. All of the above ^^^

  22. @AD
    there is nothing to add with Jolt. he isn't in the movie much unfortunately - deleted scenes or not.

  23. I agree completely with mvsbanno, the Devastator transformation was great, and I realize that it's the most complex transformer we have ever seen (or probably will), but it was lacking alot of info. Why go to the trouble of creating this giant beast without really showing off what it could have been? This had the potential to be better than the forest fight.

    AD makes a good point about Jolt, his sudden arrival in the movie needs a little explanation.

    Since we still don't have much character background, maybe we could finally learn more about the various Transformers' history or family trees.

    Of course any deleted/extended scene is a must and would have been included anyways, not to worried about those being included.

  24. Adding a poll for the features, essentially "stealing" TylerMirage's fantastic breakdown as his kind of covers everything.

  25. Deleted Scene...
    And CGI Showroom for all robots, and I do mean ALL robots... (I still haven't seen enough of the bike girls until now T.T)

  26. I totally agree with everything TylerMirage put in his post. Damn, that would be sweeeeet. But you know what really sucks? Going on deployment this month, and having to wait until February to get my copy of this movie. :o( :o( I'm at least grateful it hit theaters before I left. I'm going to see it for my 9th time this weekend!

  27. Pretty much what everyone has said here and Any if all Deleted scenes, Alternate takes, and extended cuts. come on i want to see SOME JOLT ACTION!!!

    Also commentaries with the cast and crew and writers.

  28. I'm with you guys! Transformers showroom! deleted scenes...excuse me, deleted scenes WITH ROBOTS. I want to see all the concept art and CGI possible! Up close and personal with ALL the robots. I wanna see the Constructicons transform into their robot modes. Same with Jolt and Arcee. Doesn't all have to be rendered, but i would prefer it.

  29. Oh yes, I agree! 360 degree views of the CGI models of the robots. ... ALL of the robots!!!! We only got to see a few of the robots from the first film for a few seconds (on regular DVD). I particularly want to see what Jolt, Arcee, and Sideswipe look like up close. "Turntables" of the CGI vehicles would be cool to; just to see how a CG camaro looks next to a real camaro.

    (Also: YAY! My post got recognition! :D )

    Let's keep our fingers crossed about this!

  30. Would like to see Soundwave's Dr. Claw voice from the movie replaced with his synthesized mechanical voice.

    Would like to see a teaser clip in the credits, like the first movie, that shows Soundwave watching (an over the shoulder perspective would be cool) as Megatron and Soundwave rise up through the atmosphere. Soundwave then disengages from the satellite, transforms into jet mode, and blasts off to join up with Megs and Starsream and they all take off into deep space.

    Would like to see the ending of the movie extended a bit. It seems like there might have been some material cut from the ending sequence because it's pretty rushed.

  31. To Anonymous at 11:37am:

    I (and probably thousands of other Transformers fans) was thinking of the same ending with Soundwave. In the middle of the credits, Soundwave should transform into robot mode. Megatron and Starscream rise out of the Earth's atmosphere. The camera pushes in on his glowing visor as he says "As you command, Megatron."

    Nice idea! :)


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