Monday, September 28, 2009

Dirge, Mudflap, Armorhide in Packaging

New images in packaging of the next wave of Deluxe class Revenge of the Fallen toys as part of the NEST Global Alliance moniker. Dirge is a new mold (for once). Tuner Mudflap is a repaint of the Mudflap toy and Armorhide is a repaint of the first movie's Landmine. No clue on when these will hit store shelves but I assume in time for Christmas. Thanks to Scorpio for the news item from TFW2005.

Deluxe Dirge bio
Dirge thought the heart of enemy territory - N.E.S.T. Headquarters - was the perfect place from which to launch a secret campaign of terror. A single slip-up revealed his presence, and brought his plans crumbling down. Now he's running scared with Bumblebee and Armorhide on his tail. He's to firghtened to land, but so terrified of running out of fuel that he finds himself breathing a sigh of relief every time he touches down.
Deluxe Tuner Mudflap bio
There was a time when Mudflap would have been intimidated by a warrior as accomplished as Sideswipe. But now, with the final battles of the war in his past, and a hot new engine and paint job, he's ready to give the Autobot sword-master a run for his money. Mudflap can't outfight Sideswipe, but there's no doubt in his mind he can out-drive the older Autobot.
Deluxe Armorhide bio
Things have been slow lately, so the discovery of a Decepticon hiding right under his nose was like a dream come true for Armorhide. He's enjoying working alongside Bumblebee, since his damaged vocal processor means the other Autobot can't complain about his methods. Armorhide doesn't care about stealth or safety. All he cares about is bringing Dirge crashing down.
ArmorhideDirgeTuner MudflapArmorhideDirgeTuner Mudflap


  1. new mold and repaint of characters who are not in the film? What about flarup/elita1, or scrapper or overload or even the bots from the kitchen. they should finish bringing out the missing autobot and decepticons toys from the movie 1st before doing other characters that never made it to the movie.

  2. dirge and armorhide are a definite buy for me. deluxe dirge gallery.

  3. and new images of 2010 wave 1 figures

  4. What is the "NEST Global Alliance" sticker? Is it some kind of promotion or what?

  5. @Anonymous 7:58 pm, its just like the allspark powered line.

  6. I too want to know, why dont they get flareup and other characters from the movie into toys yet?

  7. armourhide looks like dune runner's vehicle mode, but its a deluxe figure.

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