Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jingle Attack Ironhide, FAB Arcee, and More

More images have popped up online for the next wave of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen toys. This time the focus is Jungle Attack Ironhide, Fast Action Battler Arcee, Wideload, and FAB Night Blades Sideswipe.

Of the group, probably Ironhide is the best because for once Hasbro offers more than just a new paint job. The new toy comes with new gear in the form of a rifle, knife, crossbow, and more. Below is a video review of the toy and click here to view a gallery.

In addition, click here for a gallery of Fast Action Battler Arcee that looks only marginally better then the Deluxe toy. Last, clear here for images of Scout class Wideload and FAB Night Blades Sideswipe in their packages. Thanks to Scorpio for the links.


  1. "Jingle attack Ironhide," huh? For a moment I had visions of a red repaint and some fluffy white trim here and there. I didn't watch the video but I assume this was a typo. :p

  2. Anne lou Pitt9/25/2009 4:20 AM

    "Jingle all the way" baby!!! lol!

  3. Optimus - "Ironhide.....transform!"

    [Ironhide transforms]

    Optimus - "It's time! Jingle attack!"

    [Ironhide breaks into song and dance]

    Ironhide - "Mini sirloin burgers...."

    [Starscream runs and throws himself off a cliff....]

  4. Best post ever.

    Jingle Attack Ironhide.

    Now with extra dancing songs! Including special Christmas Attack!

    Jingle Attack, Jingle Attack, Jingle all the waayyy~
    Oh what fun it is to slay, those stinky Deceps all daayy-aaayy~!

    I'm still waiting for Jiggle Attack Ironhide. *ducks*


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