Friday, September 18, 2009

Megan Fox Gets Lampooned

National Lampoon has some fun with a willing Megan Fox in an interview as part of the promotional tour for Jennifer's Body. I don't know if it was planned in advance but I wish more press junket interviews were as relaxed and fun. It does indicate that Megan Fox does have a good sense of humor about herself and that her hosting the season premiere of Saturday Night Live next week could be hilarious (assuming the show itself is on its A game which is never a given).


  1. Megan Fox looks so much better at 3:00.

    Seriously Jennifers Body is lame she even said that in the film she felt humiliated and stupid and said the the only part she played was an idiot who gets stabbed to death then gets revenge.

  2. Megan is a beautiful woman, but doesnt have much going on upstairs. I think she will continue to struggle with her movie roles, and rely oh her charm and beauty to make it in this town.

  3. poker raper or whatever your name is, in a way i think your right, but she's starting to get the hang of being an actress.


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