Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Transformers Galleries

Once again, another link fest of various Transformers toy news. Thanks to RY for many of the links.

Leader Starscream Back Package
Above is the single image of the back of the box for Leader class Starscream. Based on the pictures which show a better designed chest plate and more authentic look to the movie than the Voyager class toy. This is turning into the first version of Starscream that I might actually buy.

Fast Action Battler Spark Blast Jolt
Click the link for gallery of official images for the upcoming repaint of Jolt. Yep, another repaint. At the rate Hasbro is going there will not be a single mold from the ROTF toy line that doesn't have at least 1-2 repaints. For completists news like this must cause nightmare. Personally it just makes me not bother buying any toys until all the repaints are out so can pick the color scheme I like most.

Recon Ironhide New Head Sculpt
Click the link for images of Ironhide's new head design to go along with the new paint job along with a few images that compares this toy with the 1st Ironhide from the Revenge of the Fallen line.

Scout Scattershot
More official images, this of Scattershot that is part of the upcoming NEST sub line of Revenge toys and is one of the few new molds that is part of the line as it is a homage to the Cybertron character (the G1 version was a jet and trigger master figure if I remember correctly).

Skids and Screech Images
Exclusive to Transformers Generation 2009 magazine, these new toys are painted to remind you of the movie Twins.

Disney Donald Duck Monochrome
Even though the toy isn't even out yet, the Japan only figure is getting the repaint treatment in black and white (I guess a nod to his B&W cartoon origins). already has the figure up for pre-order for $50 if you’re interested.

Legends Wave 5 in Packaging
Click to view images of Legends class Autobot Wheelie, Bluesteel Sideswipe, Power Armor Optimus Prime and Soundwave in their packaging.


  1. I guess Hasbro hasn't been able to get the Legends class Devastator, or they're not even trying. Seriously.

  2. how do i sign in to this site? do i have to post a comment every time?

  3. I can't wait to get the Leader Class Starscream. That's been a long time coming, man!

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