Thursday, October 15, 2009

Transformers Goes to College

A new clip is up to help promote the home video release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The clip talks with the cast and crew as they filmed at Princeton. Sadly these clips continue the extra features meme of selling the movie (and back patting the actors) even though if you are watching the extra features then it’s safe to assume you are already sold on the film therefore no longer need the sales pitch.

Years after the Lord of the Rings trilogy showed how to extra features right and the extra feature producers still can't do it. It is real simple - give me information about how the movie was made, not a sales pitch with back patting and ego stroking. I get it, the movie was hard work. Do a special feature on just the required ego stroking and then the rest can be the real information. It’s not a Transformers thing; it’s a Hollywood home video approach thing that is getting very tiresome because they all do it. Sorry for the small rant.

Previous clips: TF Mythology, TF in Egypt and Action


  1. i wanna see somthing about the kick ass robots in the movie. not sam's bum ass time on campus. it ruined the movie.

  2. Problem with the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition special features was that it was damn near overkill...along with the ego stroking.

    Shia's recollection of the time there wasn't ego stroking at all. It was pretty basic with some insight into the making of aspects at Princeton. It was pretty balanced.

    I don't need overkill anymore. I want balance.

  3. totally agree on the ego stroking,its been done too much, on kick ass movies as well as B rated movies

  4. I read all the comments but i just want to say about this movie is that its overall good movie..:)

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