Monday, November 09, 2009

Transformers Linkfest

Bunch more links to various Transformer toy galleries and other TF related news.

EZ Devastator in G1 Green
A new image has popped up showing the EZ Collection (Legends) version of Devastator is getting a repaint in Generation One green that was the signature look for the Construction line. The figure is scheduled for March 2010 release in Japan only. Still no official confirmation that the Legends class Devastator of any color will get a stateside release.

Leader Shadow Command Megatron and Voyager Final Defense Optimus Prime
A new gallery of the upcoming repaints of the two faction leaders. The color scheme of gray and black looks pretty good on Megatron, something the movie version might benefit from since he has been essentially neutered by repeated Optimus beat downs in the sequel.

Scout Class 2-Packs
Click the link to view scout class repaints for the NEST Global Alliance two packs. One is "Windy City Chase" set with Slap Dash vs. Trenchmouth and the other is "Road Rival Showdown" of Beachcomber vs. Deadlift.

Voyager Bludgeon Gallery
New gallery of Bludgeon, a G1 character getting the ROTF toy treatment. The result is a pretty slick figure new and old fans will like. I am waiting for a video review before deciding if will pull the trigger and purchase once the toy comes out (no date on when). Update: Forgot Peaugh already did a review, which I posted about here. Thanks to Bruno for the reminder.

Supreme class Devastator Sale
If you’re in the market for the Supreme class Devastator, is selling the toy for $69.99 with S&H included, for a $30 savings.

Transformers Continuum Preview
Five pages of the upcoming one-shop. The comic provides a summary of events in the last few years of Transformers comics that IDW has published so help get fans up to speed for the new ongoing Transformers comic series coming out in around two weeks.

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