Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Transformers Review and Sneak Peak

Not much on the Transformers news front, but some new comics are in the works. This week brings us Transformers #1 ongoing issue and next week will bring Tales of the Fallen #4. In addition, there is a sneak peak at the covers for February Transformers issue.

Transformers #1 Review - With Spoilers or Without Spoilers
The first issue of the new ongoing Transformers comic series is on comic stores shelves as of today. Based on the review, it appears that old habits die hard with an aim for "shock" moments (for details read the with spoilers review) that don't really accomplish much except get a leading character to suddenly do a 180. Long time fans will likely be angry while new fans will just be confused. Strong emotion though for an issue is usually a good thing though so at the very least should be interesting how it plays out.

February TF Previews
From Chris Ryall, Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing has posted covers for two TF comics coming out in February. The first is cover to Transformers #4 and the second is for Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers #2.

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