Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Transformers 3 "Stimulus Package" (Update)

Update: From Nelson, "thanks to all who replied. As of this moment we are no longer are taking any more applications."

Michael Bay and company want you to join the Transformers 3 team. Well specifically experienced Maya users to help with pre-viz work according to a post on called "Our Stimulus Package".
Nelson here...

We are looking for the best Pre-viz animators to help build the team for Transformers 3. Maya expertise is a must.

Please email your resume in Word or PDF format along with the URL of you reel to the web master.
If you don't know what pre-vis and Maya is, you probably shouldn't apply. As to what they are, pre-viz is a 3D animation of movie scenes (nowadays practically the entire movie) that uses a virtual camera to mimic how a director would prefer to film a scene practically. It’s become critical for most productions as it saves on costs as gives directors and crew a chance to simulate scenes, camera angles and more all before having to do it practically. Its saves on filming unnecessary sequences, improve the story both visually and conceptually and helps the crew plan what their needs are especially for stunt work, special effects, and CGI effects.

Maya, it is the scripting language and program that is used to create 3D computer graphics. It can be used to create ILM level VFX but it is most often used for pre-vis, CGI animation productions like Monsters vs. Aliens, and more or less the default program for amateur creators due to its relatively inexpensive cost compared to other special effects programs. In this case "inexpensive" is defined as around $3500 plus cost of a high end computer to handle the rendering.

We know from many of the videos found online, a fine crew of animators can be assembled from Transfandom. Good luck! Thanks to Katie for the link.


  1. Gosh, I should probably apply.

  2. AAND if you don't know what is this about you can watch some 23 mins of pre-vis material on the bonus dvd of revenge of the fallen... you might say it's one of the best features of the dvd ^^

  3. Blast.

    I want to join, but I can't as I'm studying business and not animation.

    Oh, well... I'll still watch TFilm3.

  4. "Pre-visualization" is just a high-techie method of "storyboarding". It's very simple really. It's an elegant way of describing a sequence of events to all the people on your production team rather than scrappy notes and drawings done with only one frame of reference or one camera angle.

    I used to do cel animation myself... let me tell you it is really hard to make it look smooth. Mastering the functionality of Maya software is one thing. Making your project look stylish and getting people to applaud is another. Then you've got to get acceptance from the Director, the writers, and live-action and CG production houses.

    I hope they find the right people willing to put in the long hours.

  5. I'd like to watch this movie.

  6. Aw man,I would love to!!!! However,I'm not that good in animation and tech. Anyways, good luck working on TF3!!!!XD

  7. Will T3, as bay called it, have a bit of an Armered Core angle to it, were a human controls a transforming robot via cockpit? That would be very cool to see since the people in the films are not all that equal to the Transformers.


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