Saturday, December 12, 2009

Transformers Linkfest

Another installment with more galleries, toys and a custom 7 foot Prime for sale.

Custom Optimus Prime 7ft Statue (mirror)
From EBay Australia is this rather sweet looking fan made statue of Prime in movie form. The work is the result of around $10,000 in parts, 75 days of label, and a whole lot of scrap metal. The weight is estimated around 450-559kg (992-1213lbs). Click the link to read a lot more about the project. The "buy it now" price currently at AU $47k with no bids. Click here for the auction. Thanks to Katie for the link.

NEST Deluxe Figures Gallery
Click the link for a look at the nest wave of NEST toys for Revenge of the Fallen coming out early next year. The images include Brawn, Lockdown, Ratchet, and combined Skystalker and Mindwipe (vehicle mode only).

Shadow Command Megatron & Strike Mission Sideswipe in Packages
At this link are images of the two toys in their packaging. Both are repaints that actually appear to be a better color scheme then their original look. I believe both are part of the next wave of toys coming out early next year.

Buster Prime & Jetfire 2-Pack
Asian only release, this leader class two pack features the improved version of Optimus Prime with Jetfire who is also featuring a new paint job with a black, brown and dark gray scheme. Still no indications if Buster Prime will make a Stateside or European release.

Official Images of 2010 Legends and Deluxes
Click for sizeable gallery of the next wave of Legends, Deluxe and HA Barricade that is coming early next year. It’s basically two images per, one for package, one for alt mode. The images include Legends Wheelie, Soundwave, Bluesteel Sideswipe along with Deluxe Dirge, Alliance Bumblebee, Tuner Mudflap, and Armorhide.

Ultimate Optimus Collection Auction
If your a fan of Optimus Prime you might be interested in this auction which has almost 140 different Prime items for sale in one auction. Click the link for images and the full list. The auction expires on December 20th. Thanks to OptiMagnusPrime for the link.


  1. Images Of the US release of Legends Devastator have surfaced.

  2. delete this if im putting this in the wrong area but some guy is getting rid of his entire optimus collection... im a gen 1 guy myself but for somone who loves the new optimus this is like a dream come true


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