Friday, December 04, 2009

Unused Track from Transformers

Here is a video of sorts that has an unused track from Transformers called "A Call To Arms" by Steve Jablonsky. I am not entirely clear if this is from the first or second but the use of Prime's theme and the sound suggests the first film. I wonder what spot it was originally intended for? Thanks to Benizzle for the link.


  1. its either from the hoover dam or the alspark scene when they find it in the dam

  2. that was briefly played into the Hoover Dam scene.

  3. ^^^agreed, but i hope that they use it in transformers 3, to bad me have to wait to long forthe movie, so if itss coming out in 2011, thatmeans production wil lstart in MAy or so

  4. It's from the TF1 complete score =D, too bad they didn't used in the film

  5. I think it's for the first film, a differente version of a track on the first score.
    thx for this discover!

  6. they actually use it in both. for the special features exclusively. briefly at the hoover dam then for all of the special features when they are in transition

  7. Luis Cotovio12/04/2009 6:30 PM

    It's an unused track from the first film. It's one of 13 unused or alternate tracks from the full score, wich includes the 8m17s "Arrival to Earth (Original Version)". Got this score about a month and a half ago after searching long and hard for it. It's what they should have published in the first place but, unfortunately, never did.

  8. @Luis
    what's the name of the "full score"? is it available on amazon?

  9. Luis Cotovio12/04/2009 6:59 PM

    No name and not for sale. I got it through a soundtrack discussion and sharing forum. It includes all the previously available tracks from the official CD and the 13/52 track promos, plus the 13 new tracks i mentioned.
    These are, in order of presentation (not necessarily movie order):
    - "Sam's Theme" (used when he tries to get an A from his teacher);
    - "Megatron Awakens" (used in the RoTF trailer, available in
    - "A Call to Arms" (The one on the video);
    - "Attack";
    - "Battle";
    - "Brooding";
    - "Tense Action" (used in Blackout's landing scene);
    - "Autobots (Less Chorus)";
    - "Arrival to Earth (Original Version)";
    - "Cybertron (No Cello)";
    - "Decepticons (Alt.)"; (different take on the Decepticons theme);
    - "Allspark (Alt.)"; (slightly different and longer from the one on the CD);
    - "No Sacrifice, No Victory (No Choir)"

    I'm not posting the links as i don't know if it is allowed to do so here.

  10. Why wouldn't it be? It's not as if it were an official-release, or anything...

  11. Luis Cotovio12/05/2009 5:41 AM

    But this is a blog, made by someone and i'm one of those that believes that before i post stuff like that i should clear it first. Don't wanna cause any trouble. But even if i can't post the links, we'll figure something out.

  12. actully it was from the first part of tf1 when the main army charaters got of the osprey going to SOCCENT military base right before blackout attacked. and they probly were gonna use it for when the autobots got back from shanghi in tf2.

  13. Luis Cotovio12/05/2009 8:01 AM

    OK, so her you have it, the Transformers FULL SCORE by Steve Jablonsky. The links where originaly posted by Fox_M at

    For those who don't want to subscribe to the forums there, here's the direct links:

    Checked both links before i posted this and they're working.

    Hope you enjoy this as much as i have and post your impressions. And let's cross our fingers that something like this comes through for RoTF.

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  15. oh my god, the 8minutes version of arrival to earth sounds so awesome!

  16. Luis Cotovio12/09/2009 6:25 AM

    If the album version was already heavenly, the new segment makes it even better.

  17. Dudelsack thank you so much for sharing this wonderful peace of work your the man thanks again im very aprecative of you sharing this

  18. Luis Cotovio12/14/2009 3:47 AM

    Why are you thanking Dudelsack? I posted the damn links!!!

  19. sorry my bad i was up late and wasnt paying attention

  20. This time you are forgiven. Do it again and i shall punish you... with a severe reprimand.
    LOL. No harm done. Hope you enjoyed the score as much as i did.

  21. its very awesome i love the alternate cues

  22. i just simply love this i have it on my ipod now and am loving it i hope ROTF gets the same treatment for this


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