Thursday, December 31, 2009

W4C: Homeworld Design, Game Music & Discussion

Game Informer have posted their final two articles to their Transformers: War for Cybertron hub. The game's release is scheduled for summer 2010.

Tackling the Robot Homeworld
Click the link to view a video (embedding not working so well) as Game Director Matt Tieger discusses the game and creating Cybertron for the game. It is more or less a sales pitch for the game but the art is cool to look at.

Special Edition Podcast
At the link is 24 minute audio podcast with Game Informer's reporters as they discuss the game and some of what they saw when saw an early version of the game last month. In addition, the beginning and end (about 23:03 point) of the podcast has music from the game.

To sum it up:
- Hasbro considers the game "canon" as part of the origin story for Transformers' Great War.
- Game designs are inspired by Generation One
- Hasbro is very much part of the approval process for designs of the characters, Cybertron, etc
- The design and look of Cybertron is based on design from Transformers: The Movie (which carried over into season three of the G1 cartoons).
- "Very Gears of War-like" in play style but more mobile in part because of transformation ability but also jet and vehicle maps with multiple levels added additional game play elements.
- Has "gigantic bosses". An example for the Decepticon campaign is Omega Supreme.
- Noticed for background, Cybertron seemed like "a living planet" with parts moving around, energon being transported etc.
- Does have co-op and multi-player mode. A team might involve around three players.
- Vehicles fall into regular, tanks and jet types.
- Each character has two skills, on a timer with limited numbers of uses per round.
- Soundwave's alt mode is a vehicle.
- Decepticon campaign takes place first followed by Autobot one. Decepticon's is Megatron's plan and attempt to takeover Cybertron while the Autobot one focuses on stopping him.
- Lot of G1 voice actors is involved including Peter Cullen. Further announcements will be made next year.


  1. "Further announcements will be made next year"
    NEXT YEAR!!! I cant wait until next year.... oh wait :p

  2. I'm excited that we're getting lots of G1 voice actors involved! That's the neat part!

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