Monday, December 21, 2009

W4C: Megatron, High Moon Studios, and Game Art

Game Informer has added additional articles to their Transformers: War for Cybertron article hub. Below are links to the latest updates about the game that is coming this next summer.

As the image shows, this isn't the Megatron of old but he shares a lot of features with his G1 incarnation such as the head shape, color scheme and large cannon. Ever since Generation Two, Megs' traditional alt mode has been a tank (due to US toy safety rules) and that hasn't changed here. Megatron's motivation remains the same, rule Cybertron, but for the game he is trying to find "Dark Energon" to achieve that goal. Meg's arm cannon is powerful enough to destroy city blocks, has Mark Targets (like Prime) and Drain abilities.

High Moon Studios Profile
Activision is the publisher, but High Moon is the one actually making W4C. Owned by Activision, located in Carlsbad, California, the company got its start in as part of Sega when called Sammy Studios. Their other games include Darkwatch and The Bourne Conspiracy.

Behind the Art of War for Cybertron
A behind the scenes look at the art that was created for the game as this is probably the first extensive look at Cybertron for a video game. The planet was previously explored in season three of G1 Transformers and Beast Machines but not much sense. Click the link above for a video that shows off some of the art and sources of inspiration.

Transmission Recovery Codes has new content relating to War for Cybertron but it requires you to choose the right Coordinate (yellow) and Transmission (blue) combinations. Thanks to TFormers, here are the codes.
Coordinate: 40, Transmission: 120 (art also in art profile video)
Coordinate: 21, Transmission: 284 (art also at Megs profile link)
Coordinate: 30, Transmission: 007 (video of seeker flying)
Coordinate: 298, Transmission: 85 (video of Decepticon symbol)
Coordinate: 11, Transmission: 265 (art of Optimus Prime)
After using all five codes get "100% total recovered" and "3rd batch will be available in 6 hrs" (or around midnight EST).


  1. ... though Cybertron was extensively explored in the US and UK Marvel Comics (not to mention, obviously, The War Within). Each location in season 3 and Beast Machines were pretty generic and largely nameless.

  2. There's some copyable text in the top left hand corner. Paste it in a box and you get:


  3. I looked for the 3rd batch and this is what i found. More concept art of Cybertron, Concept of a Seeker flying, and a video of a wounded robot on the ground moving. And it says "Next batch will be available in 62 hours". (9:29am right now)


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