Friday, December 18, 2009

War For Cybertron Interview, Details

TFW2005 has posted up a quick summary about Transformers: War for Cybertron and a quick interview with Game Director Matt Tieger. Below are highlights, the full article can be found here.

Also, has updated with the trailer. After the trailer plays a pretty click 3D view of Cybertron from space appears with what appears to be a blast coming from its surface (or engine?) with game to "locate a transmission". Click the "?" for instructions. The one I found was coordinate 011 and transmission 263 which switched and showed a still of Optimus Prime.

- Game not based on any generation or iteration of Transformers but uses elements, references, etc to create new cannon that Hasbro is considering using as the basis of new ongoing cannon for the franchise.
- Takes place on Cybertron, long before Transformers ever reached Earth.
- Familiar faces will be in game (Prime, Megatron, Soundwave, etc) with plans to use characters not seen for a long time (Omega Supreme) etc. Which will be playable, boss fights, etc was not indicated.
- "Character development is key", Cybertron will be expanded upon using past references from comics, cartoons, etc such as use of the city Iacon as Prime's home.
- Toys based on the game are under consideration but no firm plans yet.
- "I think there is a law against making a TF game without Peter Cullen."
- There will be online campaigns with co-op modes
- Confirmed game uses the Unreal Engine and will be 3rd person shooter. Not cover-based shooter but teamwork is involved, can transform anywhere, and each character has special abilities.
- There likely will be DLC packs but nothing specific planned yet.


  1. "I think there is a law against making a TF game without Peter Cullen."
    Indeed, there is!

    A law I like ;)

  2. wheeljack better be in that game. wether hes in it originally or in the dlc pack is something i could care less about but he better be in the game.

  3. playable omega supreme??? bet he will have to protect Cristal City or something, does this means the constructicons will also appear? i´m asking because they were like Omega´s most hated enemy of the G1 wars.

  4. aha, oh yeah!!! there should never be another voice for Optimus Prime other than Peter Cullen´s. Anything else is a lame nockoff

  5. I will buy this game just to hear Peter Cullen as Optimus. :D

  6. The Trailer doesn't seem to load for me, can't they just send one Copy to ?

  7. The trailer didn't work for me either but none the less, from what I have seen thus far, I am excited for the release of the game of course details as they are released could sway me one side or the other but then again, I may get it no matter what!

  8. Frank Welker as megatron...NOT hugo weaving

  9. Hugo Weaving should Voice Megatron in this game.

  10. Interesting, i hope this will have multiplayer pvp.

  11. danny devito is the voice for megatron and eddie murphy is the voice of optimus prime.

    megatron:"i'm here to destroy you and shit then bang that arcee chick"
    optimus:"why can't we all get along? I'm makin WaFFLes!"

  12. Frank Welker should voice Soundwave instead. Megatron should be either David Kaye or Hugo Weaving.

  13. I really don't think Omega Supreme is a playable character. There are two seperate campaigns (Autobot & Decepticon) and I think it will be alot like Marvel Alliance 2 where you get to choose your side, and each side has characters (giant ones) that you can't use, they are just used as bosses for the opposite side.


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