Friday, January 15, 2010

Bay Talks Sounds, Hints at Transformers 3

While at the Cary Grant Theatre to discuss Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen's sound art, Michael Bay dropped a few a small hint to Hero Complex about Transformers 3 that is currently scheduled to come out on July 1st, 2011.

On TF3:
So can we expect more thunderous sound in the third installment? Although the number of robots increased significantly from the first film for the second, the third film ...won’t be as robot-heavy and there will be fewer explosions, a tight-lipped Bay said after the Q+A.

“There will be a nice crescendo ending,” Bay said. “It gets much more into the robot character. The last time you kind of met a few of the robots; this time you’re gonna get a much cooler landscape.”
On TF2's sound art:
“I have like 2,000 people — through their artistry — making my dreams a film,” Bay said. “The artistry of this sound group is just amazing. I love, love sound. It’s 45-50% of the movies.”

“All of our sounds are performing almost like actors,” said [supervising sound editor Erik] Aadahl, whom Bay described as the “secret weapon” of the films. “They’re just performing the scene through sound. It just takes a lot of playing around with different elements. With sound, we are completely unfettered by the laws of physics.”

[The Reedman] scene meant to “cleanse the palate” from the booming sound featured throughout most of the film. The volume was turned down to enhance the sound created by the energy sparks. So where did the inspiration for the muted, vibrating zing of the microcons come from? A couple of magnets. Spread an inch apart and tossed in the air, they meet to create a quivering sound that -- when amplified by a microphone -- resembles the chattering of insects.

Aadahl said the vibrating hum from his electrical shaver resembled an bug buzz — perfect for a tiny Decepticon scout. The creak from opening the stove door? That served as the central sound for an older (more rusty) Decepticon. And a slamming dryer door was used as the thud for Devastator’s footsteps -- proving that that it doesn’t always take a large element to produce a big sound. “Those huge things seem small in comparison to the small things,” Aadahl said. “We find the macro in the micro.”


  1. More robot character?

    LESS explosions? (Can't believe this one)

    A crescendo ending?

    Man oh man oh man is this gonna be so good...

  2. ^^^^^
    That's what we said about ROTF. Look how wrong we were. I'm not holding up any hopes for this movie.

  3. I don't know. The fisrt was amazing. The second was too, but it needed to drop a few of the childish jokes, and The Fallen just chillin' on a chair rather than in another dimension like i read he was supposed to be early on. lol So we will see, i don't care about more or less explosions, i mean, they're robots kicking each others a$$es, what else would happen when big robots fight and shoot at each other? Getting into more of the robot characters sounds really good. But yes we should expect there to still be humans as apart of the story. It would cost to much to show the Transformers on screen the whole time, so i give props to Bay for doing some of the things he does. I am all for a good story, with some good action and a little humor is all kool, just not over done. No leg humping. lol Let's roll out for some Transformers 3.

  4. I agree that if it wasn't for the writer's strike then ROTF would have been better. I better hope that he is serious about the third movie, if this is the last transformers movie then he better make it extremely epic and also giving the robots some character development.

  5. PSofosNextGen1/15/2010 8:17 AM

    Is this the last Transformers movie ! I hope and i don't believe this will be !
    Maybe the end of the first trilogy !!! give us bay the sign of Unicron ! yes !!!

  6. A much cooler landscape sounds like Cybertron possibly?

  7. @"Is this the last Transformers movie"

    I seriously doubt it. As long as the film makes a ton of money, then we will get more. At this point Bay could make the film a 2 hour segment about Prime humping a tree and it will still make millions.

  8. I have to be honest.....I have NO IDEA how to interpret any of what he said :\

    "Cooler landscape" he actually refering to the landscape e.g hills, fields or is this some deeper meaningful reference to the feel of the movie?! *head explodes*

    Less explosions...I'm ok with this as long as it isn't replaced with Bay's idea of a joke.

  9. PSofosNextGen1/15/2010 11:50 AM

    I prefer an introduction of Unicron from space or another dimension , a cyber-epic TF fight in space and earth at the end of TF3 movie and a hint about TF4 maybe hinted a new trilogy ??

  10. This may be the last Transformers film for Bay, but perhaps a new trilogy with a new director will happen in the future.

  11. If I am to believe that Michael Bay will have less explosions in TF3, I will also believe that pigs will fly, horses wil swim, and that Sarah Palin actually has a brain! Besides all that, here is what I would like to see in TF3:

    1. More of: Sideswipe, Jolt, Starscream,and Soundwave.
    2.A little less of Skids and Mudflap, but they earned their keep for fighting Devastator in TF2.
    3.Absolutely,positively NO LEO!!!!!! He sucks as bad as the New York Rangers. I hope his character is killed off before TF3.
    4.Sam asking Mikaela to marry him. (I am pretty sure there will be a lot of men everywhere that will become extremely jealous of Sam after that scene).
    5.Lastly, how about this as a fight scene to end all fight scenes: Optimus Prime and Omega Supreme vs. Megatron and Unicron! That scene would be killer!!!!

    If Mr. Bay hears any of this, I am 100% certain that TF3 WILL KICK ASS come Summer 2011. Tell me what you guys think. ROLL OUT!

  12. This is how i'd do it.

    Millions of years ago, Optimus prime sends out a ship after doing his monolog at the beginning. The ship leaves the cybertronian port and is attacked by an unknown ship and crashes on an unknown planet, taking the other ship with it. (Title)
    Shows Sam at graduation. in the background you see a blue bike(Chromia, the only arcee twin left) and yellow camaro(Bumblebee)and two little cars(The Twins). Mikaela is in the front row with Sam's parents. Later that night he goes to Mikaela's apartment just off campus with his parents, Leo, and all the autobots. there he kneels in front of Mikaela and presents her a ring. In the excitement sam's mom can't hold it in and interrupts the proposal. After Judy settles down, Mikaela says yes. Shortly after the sliding door to the balcony gets punched open and everybody jumps back. Then you see Skids on Mudflaps shoulders hanging on to the balcony. Skids says they got a message from Simmons(Who was offered a job at NEST)who reports that they have to get out of there, now. Skids falls over blaming Mudflap and they fight. Bumblebee breaks them apart just in time to get away from a shell that was hurled right where they were standing. The explosion shatters all the windows of the apartment. Bumblebee quickly helps everyone down and transforms. they all pile into him and take off while more shells are being hurdeled all around them. They get onto the freeway and see Prime and the others heading the other direction. The twins and Chromia turn around and head with the others. Sam turns and looks back to see the college falling to the ground. Prime and the others head into the dust. (change perception) The Autobots arrive to the crumbling college and immediatly are shot at. Prime commands the Autobots to transform. One of the figures in the dust disappear in a bright flash. It reappears behind prime and knocks him straight to the ground. Skywarp. Then from above a earsplitting boom shatters all the remaining windows and causes rubble to crumble. The robot comes down, transforms, and takes Ironhide down to the ground. Thundercracker. The 3rd figure appears and says, "glad to see you again. Prime." and fires a missile at his chest. Optimus is thrown back and Starscream is about to finish him off when he is all of the sudden held back. Soundwave holds back his arm and says, "Not yet." Starscream argues and says, "I am your superior! And I will finish what Megatron failed to do!" Soundwave throws Starscream back and says, "Laserbeak, eject." A compartment opens on the right side of his chest and a bird-like robot comes out. It scans Prime and fires a laser at his chest. Then an explosion knocks Laserbeak away and Soundwave is shot to the ground as his neck takes a damaging blow from on of Ironhides cannons. A pulse blast throws Ironhide back and a shout saying, "Decepticons, Retreat, for now..." Starscream shouts, "Never!" And he fires a blast to one of the Autobots and is pulled away, shouting,"Cowards!" The Autobots are left in a mess and the NEST team arrives. Lennox has Epps call in support. The Autobots are carried away in trailers or can transform themselves and head to the closest C-17 accessable airport. Then it cuts to The Decepticons and shows Megatron saying,"I must have that Matrix."

    That is only part of my story. I may write a more detailed version with actual lines and the full story. It won't be worth crap but a fun storyline to look at.

  13. I am intrigued at the concept at a bit of a toned down 3rd parter to this trilogy and focus more on the story and the characters and you can still throw a few kick butt action scenes and give us the movie we've always wanted.

  14. PSofosNextGen1/16/2010 9:33 AM

    But maybe this is not the last transformers film for Mr Bay !!! Remember the Korean interview and think again !!!

  15. I wonder if MIchael Bay is aware that fire is not a charecter. And that the word "charecter" is not French for "car chase." And if he knows that broad stereotyping and sound bytes do not count as dialogue.

    Oh, and as to this whole hoop-la surrounding Megan Fox: speaking as a gay man, I'm alittle sick of seeing her T&A. Cuz I know most guys make a point of telling everyone how much they would love to nail Fox, I just thought I'd throw this out there.

    But, yeah, I got off topic. My point is, Michael Bay sucks. :)

  16. Yeah? Well Cherecter is spelled Character.

  17. They had too many jokes in the second. Sitting in the theature laughing at the Twins getting thrown by Bee, i was screaming to the person sitting next to me, "Wait, i don't want to be laughing, i want to be thrilled!"
    The first one was AMAZING!!!
    And i really do hope MB gets into the robot's character's more. We got a little intro to some of their personalities in the 1st movie, but they felt like just robots in the 2nd. No personalities, just destruction. (which was still fine by me, but i like more details)

  18. Hey, Rob, I'm sorry, but this is supposed to be an action movie. But i must agree about the Fox issue. I'm a chick and I'm really sick of my guy-friends saying "I don't know that the movie was about, but at least i got to stare at Megan fox for 2 and a half hours."
    Not that it's her fault.
    MB, i love you!!!!!

  19. Aye, Anon, it IS an action movie, so I really shouldn't expect too much in the way of charecter development.
    It's just that I can feel my head trying to implode when I hear about MB talking about focusing on "charecter." Mabye he should take a break from TF, and try some kind of art-house style movie about the dynamics between fire and water. I'd suggest he try to tackle the classic battle between Snake and Mongoose...then I remember that Mongoose would end up with rocket-powered jet skies and Snake would be armed with heat seeking RPG's.
    And all around the world, fans of Rikki-Tikki-Tavi shall weep. :P

  20. the two transformers movies had themes i think movie 3 is about responsibility.

  21. I guess we can confirm the date for TF 3, Bay has started the countdown again, which ends July 1st, 2011.

    525 days......

    Can't wait.

  22. I think they shoould bring back a scene from the old cartoon. StarScream (my favorite transformer) was tired of Megatron and fought him. He joins the autobots, but soon after gets killed by Megatron, but he puts up a really good fight. Megatron realizes starScream was never weak and gives him the respect he always wanted. But it was just a tad late.


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