Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First TF Unite for the Universe Images

As mentioned the other day, the Revenge of the Fallen line was going to get another release as a Japan Exclusive under the line title of "Unite for the Universe". Toys R Us Japan had descriptions for "JetPrime" combo and Megatron but no images. Thanks to the TFHenkon blog, below are images of those two toys.

They retain the look of the movie line but seem to be either new molds or modifications of existing molds. JetPrime seems to be two parts. One is Optimus Prime with robot and vehicle mode while Jetfire is really just the backpack component that doubles as a gun and trailer or sorts. Megatron appears to be more movies accurate with paint job and detail but also seems to have extra flaps for some unknown reason. Thanks to Chris for the link and info.

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  1. those are both voyager toys. megatron is a repaint and prime has add on parts.


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