Saturday, January 16, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Next Alternity Toys Announced
According to, the next set of Japan exclusive Alternity Transformers will A-04 Okamora Orochi Skywarp and Starscream. Yep the two seekers will instead be vehicles. The preliminary release date is May 2010 for price of $49.99. According to TFormers, the image to the right is what the Mitsuoka Orochi sports car look like that could be the model for the toy's vehicle mode. Beautiful looking car so pretty sweet if this turns out to be true.

Transformers Star Wars Crossover Wave 8
Click the link to view the gallery of images for the next wave of TF/Star Wars toys based on the Clone Wars vehicles and characters. The wave includes Battle Droid (alt Trade Federation Tank), Obi-Wan (Jedi Starfighter), Xanadu Blood (Magna Guard), and Anakin Skywalker (Y-Wing Bomber). I have not kept up with this line enough to be sure but I do believe most of these are new molds.

War for Cybertron Gallery
At the link above is a gallery of game art. Some of the images are repeats but many are new including this shot of Ironhide.

Another Japan Transformers Animated Gallery
Based on new gallery of images, it appears the number of Transformers: Animated toys hitting Japan starting in April will now be 25 figures including five versus box sets. Click the link above to view the listing. I feel a need to point out how Takara continues to number their toys (and logically) making them very easy to collect. Not only is this good for collectors, but if you’re a kid trying to get a toy, which is easier , the name and description of a specific Transformers or simply provide its box number. I really don't see a downside to a number scheme. It is something I wish Hasbro would copy but I betting they have some idiotic reason on why not (someone should ask why at a Botcon panel).

The Hub Press Release
Hasbro and Discovery have officially named their new network "The Hub" which will launch this fall, replacing Discovery Kids Network. The release is heavy on corporate-babble, light on details but it did say "The Hub will incorporate cherished Hasbro properties, including Transformers..." I suspect the rumored new Transformers cartoon will probably be part of the launch line-up.


  1. Starscream and Skywarp, cars? I can't see the point. They were meant to always fly.

  2. Actually, it's the Y-Wing Bomber that's a new mold (to be honest, I could've sworn it was going to be a Clone Trooper mech...). The other two are re-tools; Obi-Wan has been released before, but now it has a new colour scheme and new head, and the Xanadu Blood transforms into the owner; Cad Bane! (Not another MagnaGuard)

    And the Battle Droid will be an Episode I repaint of the first Battle Droid (CIS Blue)

  3. And the Obi-Wan one has new hands, too...

    Don't know why they're re-leasing it (for minor retools) :S

  4. To answer my previous comment; I know now! The mold is based on the updated Jedi Starfighter from The Clone Wars (the previous Obi-Wan was based on the Episode II Starfighter)

    And yes, there are two versions of the Y-Wing; a Clone Pilot and Anakin! Sheesh...XD

  5. Starscream and Skywarp are indeed meant to fly!! Come on, the names say enough!
    Btw the cars look like crap, hideous!

    I so hope there's gonna be a new cartoon, hopefully based on the movies, lookwise.



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