Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Transformers: Nefarious Press Release

IDW has issued a press release to promote Transformers: Nefarious, a six issue miniseries that takes place after the events in the Revenge of the Fallen and follows the continuing adventures of Soundwave after the resurrection of Ravage in Tales of the Fallen #5. The first issue comes out in March but you can place a pre-order for it now through your local comic book store. Art from the issue can be found here.
TRANSFORMERS Movie Continues in Comics

San Diego, CA (January 12, 2010) - The biggest movie of 2009 continues in IDW Publishing's latest series based on Hasbro's iconic TRANSFORMERS brand. Coming in March, TRANSFORMERS: Nefarious follows a shadowy organization, known as The Initiative, with devious designs on the TRANSFORMERS. Scripted by Simon Furman with art by Carlos Magno, this six-issue series takes fans on an action-packed mission as the robots in disguise fight to stop this unseen enemy.

"It's time to move forward in the movie-verse and Furman and Magno are just the creators to do it," said Andy Schmidt, IDW's TRANSFORMERS editor. "Simon came up with a great idea and a fantastic story that Carlos is just hitting out of the park. I'm thrilled to be along for the ride and I'm sure fans will be too!"

Picking up just months after the end of the blockbuster movie's storyline, TRANSFORMERS: Nefarious follows the all-seeing SOUNDWAVE as he leads the charge against The Initiative, and is joined by such fan-favorites as OPTIMUS PRIME, BUMBLEBEE and IRONHIDE. The threat is so great that all TRANSFORMERS must work together, forcing the AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS to form a tentative alliance.

Veteran TRANSFORMERS writer Furman crafts this thrilling tale, while Magno draws suspense into every panel. Brian Rood will contribute gripping variant covers.

TRANSFORMERS: Nefarious #1 (of 6; $3.99, 32 page color) will be available in stores in March. Diamond order code JAN10 0963.


  1. How many secret organizations are there, I mean there was the Machination, and then Skywatch and now this? Simon Furman does love this theme

  2. I think they all represent the same thing, just a different name for each new transformers line. Now it is the movieverse's turn. Personally, I like the idea.

  3. Sector Seven secret organization, NEST Secret Organization, now this... Sigh. Wonder what EVIL plans do they have...? Maybe, oh i don't know, use Transformers technology to take over the world...? Now THAT would be original...

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