Friday, January 22, 2010

Transformers XBox Mod, as Clothes Dryer and The Tonight Show

Transformers related stuff has made a few real life appearances this week that are of note. One is a sweet case mod for the XBox 360, Prime helps explain The Tonight Show fiasco, and Prime also shows up as a dish washer.

XBox 360 AllSpark Mod
As the image shows, the XBox has been transformed into the AllSpark Cube. The mode sports a DVD tray with Decepticon logo, storage compartment, and lighting effects. Click the link above for more images.

Optimus Prime, Clothes Dryer
A Taiwanese father spent $1,600 for scrap metal and lot of work to create a 14-foot model of the movie version of Prime for his son. Video below, image at link above.

Animated Optimus Prime Helps Explain The Tonight Show Fight
The Transformers: Animated version of Optimus Prime assisted Pee Wee Herman with explaining the war that has been going on with NBC and Jay Leno over the show. Prime plays Conan's (Mr. Giraffe) lawyer. Video below or use link above (third video down).


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