Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alternity Starscream and Disney Label Buzz Lightyear

New images of the next Alternity and Disney Label toys have hit the web. Alternity A-04 Okamora Orochi is Starscream and Skywarp with car modes while the Disney Label gives Buzz Lightyear a transformation mode into a shuttle. The two Alternity's are identical except for head sculpt and color scheme.

For Disney Label, unlike previous editions (with Mickey and Donald), Buzz's alt mode isn't intended to invoke a Generation One counterpart. Before now the images didn't have the detail needed to determine if the purchase of these Japanese exclusives is worth the $50 or so asking price. Click the links below for the full gallery of each. No idea on release date but probably early summer.

Alternity A-04 | Buzz Lightyear


  1. I may not be a long time Transformers fan, but something doesn't seem right about Starscream and his cronies turning into cars...

  2. Yeah, the mold looks pretty nice, but I can't imagine it as Starscream, as he always was meant to be a Jet.
    And if it's gon na be named Starscream, when it hits store-shelves, then there should bne a good reasoning for him not being a jet, like he's got kidnapped by a mad Scientist and turned into a car - oh wait, that even sounds stupid for me.

  3. new unite for the universe optimus prime and megatron images


    power up prime

    and takara animated optimus prime

  4. Starscream as a car? Great idea! Looks even better that way, and still has his wings.

  5. Wish he kept his G1 colors though.


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