Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unite for Universe, TF iPhone Trailer, and TF Hats

A little mini-link fest with new images of Unite for Cybertron images, trailer for Transformers G1 Awakening for iPhone and new TF hats.

Unite for Cybertron Gallery
Click the link for five images that show off the currently Japan exclusive toys based on Revenge of the Fallen. Optimus Prime is essentially the Voyager version with Jetfire accessories to form Power-Up Prime while Megatron is a repaint of Voyager Megatron in his G1 colors.

Transformers G1 Awakening Trailer
Below is the trailer for the game that Glu Mobile is releasing for the iPhone at the end of February. No indication of price. The game features class G1 characters in a playing scheme that reminds me of Advance Wars.

Transformer Hats
Below are two images of new hats for Transformers that were seen at the 2010 Toy Fair in New York that are rather unique in design. No idea when they will be available or through who but something to keep an eye out on later in the year.


  1. Transformer is a great movie specially second part, i love to watch these type of actions movies and i like your blog too, i also have a site where you can watch action movies like this one.

  2. the hats are through new era cap company, and i think they are available on their website, they also have other TF designed hats as well

  3. The hats are awesome!


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