Sunday, April 25, 2010

Transformers Linkfest

Time for another installment of Transformers related stuff from the last week.

Transformers: Cyber Missions Trailer
TG Studios released a trailer that shows off their online version of the 13 episode CGI series for Hasbro. This isn't related to TF: Prime (to our knowledge) but more or less a continuation of the Transformers movie-verse to help promote the NEST Global Alliance toy line. The episodes look very much like Beast Wars Season One with overall lack of environment details but to be fair to TG Studios, the more details means the more work in design and rendering which means the higher the costs to Hasbro. You get a budget; you usually have to stick with it. If interested in watching the episodes, you can find them at under the "Play" section. Thanks to Kaly and Katie for the links.

Transformers: Prime Trademarked
Click the link for details but basically this seems to all but confirm that the next cartoon and toy line from Hasbro will be named TF: Prime. I suspect that Hasbro will officially announce the name and line at Botcon this summer.

Airachinid Joins Transformers: Prime
Speaking of the new cartoon, S250 (who leaks lots of toy images), tweeted "just heard some rumor about Giant character of coming transformers series...something like giant arachnida and dinosaur" The name "Airachinid" may just be a mistranslation. Almost sounds like Blackarachnia may once again return to TF lore.

Digitalscape Working TF: Prime
Yep, another piece of TF: Prime news. The company is a Japanese consulting company that is seeking 40 people to help create graphics for the cartoon. Since the company specializes in digital, not animated creations, this might be the first real proof that the next cartoon will not in the anime style from the last decade or so.

Optimus Prime, Balloon Animal
Someone with a lot of love or way too much time created the G1 Optimus Prime from balloons over the course of 28 hours. The final result stands seven feet tall with points of articulation and his weapon. Seems silly but it is pretty impressive once you get a look at the video. (via Gizmodo)

Megatron, Balloon Animal
Yep, same idea, same creator, but this time the G1 version out of balloon animals. Final result is six feet tall, made up of 300 balloons. Megs was entered into a balloon contest, sadly he lost to a rabbit.


  1. I'd be mighty careful with that Optimus Prime and Megatron Balloon sculpture.. 28+ hours down the drain if the sculpture comes in contact with a sharp object xD

  2. What is that creature standing next to Balloon Optiumus...


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