Thursday, May 20, 2010

Frank Welker Joins Transformers: Prime

In a Don Murphy forums thread where Transformers fans are mourning (or celebrating) the loss of Megan Fox from Transformers 3, Transformers: Prime consultant (? not clear on his role) Roberto Orci stopped by with a few hints about Transformers: Prime, the next TF cartoon series that is premiering this fall on the new The Hub network.

Probably most important to fans, he confirmed that the legendary Frank Welker has joined Peter Cullen as a cast member on the show, "Seeing Cullen and Welker together in the recording studio was mind blowing." He did not elaborate on what voices Welker will be performing but I would not be surprised if it turns out to be Megatron and Soundwave.

For Starscream fans, Orci also verified that he "will be his former back stabbing treacherous sarcastic egocentrical whiny glorius never learning foolish good looking self" (good description) with a simply "Yup."


  1. I am making a petition to bring Megan Fox Back To Transformers Just Put Your Name in a comment

    Raymond Velez

  2. Olivia Munn is a perfect replacement to play Carly!


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