Sunday, June 06, 2010

Don Murphy TF3 Update

Don Murphy, producer for the Transformers films, provided a brief update on his forums for his various projects including Transformers 3. Nothing specific revealed since the "movie is super top secret". Below is the TF3 portion of the post. (via AllSpark)
TRANSFORMERS 3 is starting its third week of shooting. As you guys know, everything on this movie is super top secret., but it is going very well and I think you will all be stoked to see old favorites and new characters coming at ya. You know I liked the second film a lot- that said the new screenplay brings back the sense of awe and wonder that made the first film so exciting and special. It’s a shame that Megan didn’t work out but with what Michael has planned you won’t miss her. There is still a hell of a lot of shooting to go and you don’t need me the way you guys dig up clues and jive- suffice it to say NEXT Fourth of July you guys will be excited again. I personally can’t wait.


  1. not as stoked as i was for the second one or the first for that matter but im exited as hell, gonna be so frigin goooooooooooooood, im expecting it to be the best of the three, easily better than revenge of the fallen

  2. Don Murphy is a fool worse than Bay and Spielberg if he really thinks that Transformers3 is going to work and be liked without Megan Fox. Which movies did he produce and watch? It's just crazy that he doesn't realize how important Mikaela Banes played by Megan Fox is. Without Mikaela Banes having Sam Witwicky in the movie just doesn't make any sense and it's only going to give a flawed plot and characters.
    Michael Bay planned rushed script rewriting it's a silly joke. Transformers3 won't be able to give the feelings of the first movie nor the second one unless Michael Bay gets Megan Fox back to use the original script and not the rushed one.

  3. Mr Murphy, in 2011 there is going to be THE GREEN LANTERN, THE FIRST AVENGER, THOR, TINTIN, RANGO, GHOSTBUSTERS 3, DRAGONBALL 2 and who knows what else. 2011 is simply full up.

    Still, there are billions of TFans who are going to come see this, possibly the last instalment in the series. Just don't let us down, please.

  4. "Anonymous 6/07/2010 5:01 AM"--Dragonball2 what? Are you serious? The 20th Fox live action movie was pure garbage, a real insult.

  5. how bout you just shut the fuck up about this megan fox CRAP! 6/07/2O10 4:OOAM DAMNMENT!!!!how many people do you think is more in to megan fox than the damn TFS THEMSELVES for the last fucking time THIS IS NOT MEGAN FOX THE MOVIE DAMNMENT there is no writers strike! witch means they can come up with a hopefuly good story. i dont think there that fucking stupid they heard the mistakes about TF2 its gunna be fucking badass....NOW GET THE FUCK OUT AND LEAVE US REAL TF FANS WATCH THE DAMN MOVIE YOU MEGAN FOX FREAK!!you can say all the worst stuff about me all you want cause i know for a FACT that you cant prove everybodys going see it for the mikaela and sam shit...i not gunna argue....because im wasting my time

  6. @"Anonymous 6/07/2010 4:24 PM"-You obviously got some serious issues, get checked by a doctor it could help. Insulting me it's not going to change anything. Maybe you are 3 years old and you care only about toys but even 12-15years old that nowadays are adults back when the Transformers G1 anime aired in the '80s got to know the Witwicky family and Spike and Carly. Sam and Mikaela are Spike and Carly on the movie version.
    Megan Fox plays a key role on the franchise, Mikaela is a key characters, Sam and Mikaela romance is key to plot, Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg focused a lot on Sam and Mikaela on the first two movies, if you don't like it then you don't like Transformers movies as much as you don't like the Transformers franchise since the original G1 series.

  7. blah blah blah

  8. just to point out im not 3 years old......realy sorry about the think im stupid know but lets talk like smart people..i actually think it will NOT flop just because megan fox is not there. megan fox didnt make transformers spike and carly didnt make transformers. people like action and i know a small percentage of people go see it for the love crap...the transformers make it famous. it wasnt spike and carly that made it famous, it wasnt the love from sam and mikaela that made it so popular....all the fansites i been i never saw them say nothing about sam or mikaela mabey a little but not as much as the robots.the robots make transformers it was them that made it famous.....i know the 3rd one is gunna kickass the writers strike is over they saw the mistakes TF2 had. there not that stupid hopefully. i know there gunna come up with something....have faith TF fan have faith.

  9. @"Anonymous 6/07/2010 10:03 PM"--Keep dreaming. If Paramount marketeers and Bay and Spielberg think like you as it seems then they obviously don't know what they did achieve with the first two movies, which seems crazy but it's what it's going on with Megan Fox being fired by Michael Bay like this without having completed the trilogy.
    You and them are absolutely wrong. Still it's crazy that they just can't understand it, you it's not that crazy like many others keep writing here and other forums that the Transformers made famous what??? What are you talking about? Seriously!
    Before the first Transformers movie hit theaters every adult worldwide as well as show biz managers, producers and directors was just thinking that "robots are for little kids and cartoons, they don't work on live action movies, they are silly"...
    And why do you and others think that a large percentage of the general public that made the first two movies a financial success changed their mind, uh? It's only thanks to the humans factor! Humans interacting with the CGI robots on screen.. the good strong feeling of Sam&Mikaela romance... the whole focus on their love on both movies. That is what changed people mind, not the outstanding CGI and action scenes. It's the mix of elements that worked, it's a formula.. you change that by getting rid of Megan Fox (sold as a sex symbol for the Transformers franchise too which means horny male teenagers attracted to the franchise, and there are tons of those worldwide!) and you lose the magic that the main characters gave to viewers.
    That is what Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg managed to do. They screwed up their own magic. They screwed up the heart and core of the movies. You can't have Sam Witwicky without Mikaela Banes just like you can't have Spike Witwicky without Carly Witwicky on G1 original series from the '80s.
    If Michael Bay doesn't get Megan Fox back on Transformers3 NOW that there is still time to fix this mess up, Transformers3 movie is going to flop. It will flop even if it will lose just $100million or $200million... anything in that range will be seen as a bad thing by Hasbro because they might accept the third movie to get a worldwide boxoffice gross like the first two movies but anything below those it's going to be a very bad thing. And it will happen. It's not that Paramount trick of a bad 2D to 3D conversion to inflate tickets price is going to work this time. A very large percentage of the general public will not like the lack of Megan Fox and will dislike the new topmodel sold as a new love interest for Sam Witwicky.. it will just not make any damned sense.. Sam Witwicky is a nerd in love with Mikaela Banes since they were both little kids.. Mikaela loves him now as the first two movies told us... what are they gonna do? Kill Mikaela Banes thinking that people will like that option? Going dark by killing her just to get rid of Megan Fox?
    Have the topmodel play the role of Mikaela Banes? Please.. people would dislike that even more, it would just look dumb. Even dumber just having Mikaela and Sam break up and Sam dating a new girl.. he is a nerd.. and now he gets a topmodel just to please Michael Bay gone mad?
    Unless Michael Bay wants to fire Shia La Beouf as well his only option is to get Megan Fox back NOW !
    Or Transformers3 is going to sink bad. The main character of Sam will not feel right and plot continuity and characters development won't make any damned sense from the first two movies.

  10. well i tried but i got this strange feeling its gunna be still awsome.........i mean not everybodys gunna hate it because meganfox is not there i know you will never agree with me..but i just have that feeling that TF3 is gunna suprize us fans.....


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