Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Transformers Exodus Four Chapters and Review

The novel Transformers: Exodus, the "official history of the war for Cybertron", is now out and Hasbro has posted the first four chapters of the novel here. Hasbro description of the novel:
TRANSFORMERS: EXODUS written by Alex Irvine takes fans deep into the secret lore of the TRANSFORMERS universe, charting the creation of the DECEPTICONS and the AUTOBOTS—and chronicling the civil war that divided them. At the center of this thrilling history are OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON, the ultimate hero and the ultimate villain, whose destinies are entwined with that of their home planet, CYBERTRON. Developed in close partnership with Hasbro, this is a canonical TRANSFORMERS tale that also relates to, and expands on, the story being told in the newly released video game, TRANSFORMERS: War for Cybertron, from Activision. Fans will not want to miss all of the details that can only be told in novel form, the moment OPTIMUS gains “PRIME” status, MEGATRON becomes his arch enemy and leader of the DECEPTICONS and their great civil war begins. has posted their review of the book. The result is lackluster, about on par with previous Transformers books. "Transformers: Exodus" is not a great book. It is however, an important book. It is not so much a novel as it is a foundation - a foundation for what, is yet to be fully revealed by Hasbro. But it is safe to say that though "Exodus", all facets of the Transformers multiverse has been tied together in a way no Transformers fiction has tackled before."

It seems the book is probably something fans will want to read, if only to know what the new Hasbro sanctioned history of the Transformers universe is now that the inspiration of Generation One has been combined with the movie universe additions to create a new official continuity. A continuity that will continue to likely evolve with Transformers 3 and the Transformers: Prime cartoon series. Of course how important this novel will be in the grand scheme has yet to be determined as it will mostly depend on how future writers use or discard elements from it in their own stories. To get the full review details, click here.

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