Monday, July 12, 2010

Day 2 of the Transformers 3 Chicago Invasion

Transformers 3 production continues in Chicago with more Bay-ham to enjoy. Below are two videos, one that shows off Optimus Prime avoiding an explosion (weapons fire?) and another that shows the Autobots as they chase the "Stunticons" (unofficial shorthand for the three Nascar vehicles). In addition, has 19 videos and a huge 478 image gallery of filming. Links for all that is below.

Probably the most significant picture (above) of the bunch is confirmation that the purplish car seen driving with the Autobots is not Jolt the Chevy Volt but a blue Mercedes E350. A blue, luxurious but fast car makes me think "Tracks" but really no telling what the name of the character is. With that image we know of five total new Transformers vehicles - the three stunticons (faction unverified but assume Decepticon), the Autobot Mercedes and the Decepticon Chevy Tahoe. The TF3 Cheat Sheet has been updated accordingly. Thanks to Mauricio for YouTube links.

Videos: Stunticons & Autobots | More Stunticons | The Sets | Wacker St. Sets


  1. Nice the Mercedes is from germany :D

    A mercedes from München in the usa ?

  2. You're jumping to conclusions, now. We don't know for sure that the blue E-class is a transformer, it could be that it's just some of the human characters driving a regular car. And the decepticon Tahoe? We haven't seen it in any of the scenes being filmed. It could just be the car of some fan, like with the decepticon Dodge Charger everyone was talking about earlier.

  3. Haa i've right it's really a mercedes...I'm Ok with you for me it's not a Transformers this car is too simple ;)

    And i think we'll see the Chevrolet Tahoe at Washington D.C...The 2 yellow cars has a Washington Plate...

    Again sorry for my english I'M french ;)

  4. I thnk that the Purple mercedes is Patrick Dempsey's car. I feel they are protecting him from something. If you notice hes in the middle of the pack and not out front. Also It hink the Nascars are with the autobots. They are just not being chased that fast. But hey its just a guess.

  5. in the seibertron video "TF3 Chicago - parked Autobots in between takes (pt 2)", There are two small wrecked cars. one on a lift and one on a crane. They look like mudflap and Skids so the future doesn't look too bright for them.

  6. Their not the stunticons, they are the Omnibots

  7. I think the guy is right about the Omnibots. Here's the description: The Omnibots were three Transformers toys available only in the US as promotional items, which could be obtained by collecting "Robot Points" from other Transformers toy boxes and sending them to the manufacturer.

    The Omnibots were about the size of the larger Autobot cars, and all had the common gimmick of weapons which could be deployed in vehicle mode.

  8. Oohhh Omnibots, I like that theory. I actually have one of the Omnibots (red Ferrari) from the mail-in points collector thingy from years back.

    The Omnibots were very gimmicky but were very cool at the time. Watching the footage it doesn't seem like an all-out car chase. It seems more like they are being chased or searching for something. Those extra bots don't appear to be Decepticons based on the guns and stuff on them.

    I was going to say Junkions, but that'd be a stretch. Perhaps they are a new class of Autobots and new characters as well.

  9. Wow so it is an E-class. Mostly disappointed because it means Jolt hasn't been spotted on set or anything yet. So he might not even be in the movie, which would be a shame since he barely got a role in the last movie.

  10. Well a little more on my Omnibots theory, I think the omnibots are sent here from cybertron to warn the autobots about Shockwave.

  11. I hope this isn't the final battle for this film because it reminds me of the first films climax scene in Mission city

    Write what you think this is

  12. Hmm i like that omnibots theory that was good thinking. On another note wheres Lennox. I have not seen Josh Duhamel the entire time in Chicago.

  13. heres a link to the omnibots, you can clearly see their weapons etc in car mode.

  14. Just a theory, but I'm thinking that The Three Stooges are actually escorts to get the Autobots and a human character from Point A to Point B after an attack from the Decepticons.

    The city is obviously ravaged and messed up and the Autobots need help. So these new kids on the block show up, armed to the teeth and get them all to safety.

    Why you don't see Epps and Lennox in this specific scene is beyond me. Maybe their characters are not relevant to this specific scene.

    I'm going to throw up another theory that NEST is now an underground mercenary unit. Hence, the fully armed and dangerous "escorts" you now see? Or the uniform on Epps is more civilian than military?

    Sound plausible? :)

    I'm sticking with The Three Stooges nickname. haha :)

  15. Oh oh, sorry if I'm saying too much.

    Another theory on nicknames, maybe they aren't "Stunticons" if they are really escorts.

    Based on their armored weaponry, maybe they are "TargetMasters"? While the original TargetMasters had minibots that transformed into the weapons, perhaps these are modified versions of them to fit Bay's movie?

    Just a theory of course, quite possible an entirely new class of Transformers that is reacting to the Anti-Autobot scourge that is infecting the city.

  16. Hey Administrator,

    There is a member at tfw2005 who has got some new photos of shia,rosie dempsey and the worn yellow car. Looks pretty interesting. Don't forget to give him credit if you post this on the site. Thanks!

  17. What's Bay-Ham? It sounds delicious. I'd like a Bay-Ham and cheese on rye bread please.

  18. My first thought was the MB E-class was just a vehicle carrying humans, not an Autobot. As mentioned it seems protected in the middle/end of the pack and doesn't seem too customized. However, why would it be the eurospec E with a German issued license plate, with emission (orange hexagon) and registration (round w/shield)?

    This makes me wonder if it is actually an Autobot from Germany. Otherwise, it should be US-spec with an Illinois, or other state plate.

    Something to consider.

  19. Anyone notice in the video of Optimus coming towards the camera with the explosions that he's pulling something other than his trailer? He's hauling something, but what is it?

  20. The Mercades is an autobot scientist named Q (james bond anyone?)
    the three stock cars are an autobot sub group known as "the wreckers"


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