Thursday, September 09, 2010

Transformers 3 Resumes Production in Detroit

While nothing official has been released, Transformers 3 principle photography has resumed in Detroit, Michigan at the Packard Plant. The information comes from a reliable source - Tyrese Gibson and two posts on his twitter account.

In the first post he wrote:
Still on set in Detroit filming Transformers 3.. Doing a bunch of scenes with my guy Shia today.. Fun times in the D!!
This was shortly followed by a link to above picture:
Just finished an action scene.. Check out my view!!
Yesterday, Bay was spotted at the location so I think we can unofficially call today the first day of shooting in the city of Detroit for Transformers 3. I think the plan is for about a two week shoot do not really know how long it is supposed to go or all the locations they may use.

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