Friday, November 12, 2010

Injured TF3 Extra Leaving Hospital

Gabriela Cedillo is on the verge of finally being released from the hospital according to Hollywood News. The set extra suffered a head injury on the Indiana set of Transformers: Dark of the Moon back in September that resulted in brain damage that required surgery. The update comes from the family attorney, Todd A Smith, who is currently suing Paramount for the accident.
In regards to her care he added, “Gabriela is still in the Rehab Institute of Chicago but she’s about to be released home so she can be taken in for outpatient physical and speech therapy. She’ll have to go in multiple times a week for extensive rehabilitation care. She continues to have paralysis issues on her left side.”
On the whole it sounds like somewhat good news as gives hope that she will eventually make a full recovery but still a long road to go as rehabilitation from these kinds of injuries can take a very long time. Best wishes to her family on a successful recovery.


  1. And we fans care about this?
    What about posting some real news about the movie and not some latin spic injured?

  2. Three cheers!

  3. anonymous 2:21pm

    yes some of us do care about this. You ever had a family member that suffered traumatically from a head injury? I have. It's very serious regardless of the person's race. I wish her a speedy recovery and glad the site is keeping us informed. Don't be so racial. It's ignorant in m opinion. Thank you TFLAMB for the update on her conditon

  4. Your opinion is worth shit and no my family is not idiotic enough to drink and drive or to drive careless.There you go.Go back to sleep on your mom's lap.I already give you too much attention you idiot.

  5. can always tell when the teenagers are posting...or at least the ones that act like they are little kids. Grow up and read the story on the accident

  6. It is good to hear that she is doing better. It is sad that there even has to be a law suit and not Paramount just stepping up and helping out anyway they can.

    "no my family is not idiotic enough to drink and drive or to drive careless." I am sure many a people have said that about their family members until it actually happened.

    "and not some latin spic injured?" And sad that you don't seem to get part of the concept of the TF movies of different races working togeteher for one goal.


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