Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Transformers: Prime Episode Summaries, Review

Seibertron received advance copies of the first two episodes of Transformers: Prime and decided to write up spoiler rich summaries of each with lots of screenshots. "Darkness Rising" is the name of the first five episodes of the series as it lays out the characters and circumstance of this new cartoon series. These first two parts premiere on Friday at 4pm EST (repeat at 6PM EST) on The Hub with the remaining three airing the next week. The confusing schedule can be found here. Still not entirely clear what day and time the show will start airing on a regular basis after that as The Hub PR department is doing an awful job on making schedule info available.

Update: Variety posted a review of the cartoon. In short, they liked it, saying the cartoon "proves unexpectedly sharp -- better than the movies (admittedly damnation with faint praise), thanks to the arresting CGI animation, which proves especially well-suited to rendering shiny robots and their vehicular alter egos." Full review here.

Based on the description, the series starts off with a bang with a death, call to arms, and Decepticons on the move. If you don't mind the spoilers the summary of Darkness Rising part 1 is here and part 2 is here. Thanks to Christopher for the link.


  1. Will I be able to watch this series anywhere on the web?? cos i don't get The Hub :(

  2. Ofc your gonna be able to watch them somewhere on the web! But its prolly not "legal" that way.

    Its really annoying they dont put stuff like this out on the web themselfs, who the f*** watches TV anymore these days?

  3. What really sucks is that The Hub doesn't air practically anywhere, and where it does, you have to pay extra in order to see it (because it's usually not on a basic package). If they want this show to be a success, maybe they shouldn't have put it on a channel only 65,000 homes get.

  4. I found the first 2 episodes with a plot as thin as paper, and the characters are all annoying. Typical Kurtzman/Orci crap. What the hell is their fixation with Bumblebee not being able to talk? And they kept playing the same damn theme music over and over and over.

    TF:A was 10 times better. And 10 times smarter Why couldn't THAT show get 65 episodes?

  5. The score is not that repetitive. And a couple of themes are quite nice. Kudos for Brian Tyler. I just wish they would stop throwing human characters (especially annoying kids) into the mix. I understand the need to do so but at least Spike and Sparkplug weren't as annoying (OK, Spike was a bit) as the kids in these series (Cybertron and Animated included. At least Sari ended up having an actual purpose in season 3)

  6. I loved Sari!


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