Friday, April 08, 2011

Rosie Wants Transformers 4

In a brief interview with MTV, Transformers: Dark of the Moon start Rosie Huntington-Whiteley commented on wanting a Transformers 4 and some of the research she did for the role.


  1. She's a hottie.

  2. next generation portable ftw

  3. She is going to show how she killed Transformers3 already and she thinks to be really so loved and a huge marketing success,uh?
    She is dreaming her own fantasy based on marketing promises which won't come true.

  4. She's a cutie.

  5. You sound mad 8:05. Get over it quick, she's about to blow up.

  6. 8:05 will be jacking off to her before he knows it.

  7. She seems like a real sweetie. And I too would like to see her do Transformers 4, if only to help drive Anonymous 8:05 that much closer to a psychotic episode.

  8. I know she's wearing a strapless dress, but GODDAM, that camera angle makes it look like she's naked!

    NICE! hahaha

  9. She is pretty average looking. You can find tons of better looking girls everywhere. Among many top models Bay selected the least attractive.

  10. Martinus Prime4/09/2011 7:57 AM

    Once again 4:10 AM, Bay didn't select her, he only recommended her to audition. The casting director casted her.

    Lionboogy, you're so right, HOTDAMN, it looks indeed like she's naked!

    At first I found her average looking too, but day by day, I find her hotter.

  11. @Martinus Prime: are you serious? Michael Bay didn't cast her,what? You can't be serious. That is just a silly pathetic statement. Michael Bay is the director and he decides everything, who gets hired and who gets fired. And this time he did a mess. He always cast hot looking girls and actresses but not this time.

  12. ^^...>>>>"And this time he did a mess."<<<<

    there are so many things I could say here LOL !!

    (yew gone an dun did a miss-take in yure grammar on dat de're post Imma gonna go to da li-bary an get me some moovies)

    seriously dude...learn how to write of you are rebutting another persons post.

    PS. If you are only a youngin'...then I apologize :D !!!

    Pss. I love this blog !!

  13. ^^"learn how to write of you are rebutting another persons post."

    The "of" instead of "if" in that sentence was a typo, which cannot be changed once posted. 4/09/2011 8:18 AM should try this :)

    By the way...Rosie looks a little less ":O" like a blow doll in this interview...maybe there is hope after all :D!! She is not the hottest chic around, but she is looking hotter lately, I have to admit!!
    Maybe because her personality is coming through more...and that can certainly help ! :D

  14. @Anonymous 4/09/2011 9:16 AM: you telling others how to write proper english and you can't even write some proper slang yourself.. that is dumb.

  15. Seriously I can't stand this woman I try I swear but I can't, her face is just weird, her nose is huge, her lips are ugly and her eyes are different, I mean they are different sizes one to another. I don't know what i'm gonna do with her scenes in the movie, close my eyes?

  16. You all sound like a bunch of queers, I'd bang her like a screen door. She's fine as hell and thick too.

  17. @4/09/2011 9:24 AM

    "and you can't even write some proper slang yourself"

    Hahahaha "proper slang" must be the one making all the dumb posts lol !!


    Rosie may be a lil' ":0" blow dollish' but I am willing to give her a chance to prove herself...not like we have a choice anyway lol !!

  18. @4/09/2011 11:02 AM

    "...I'd bang her like a screen door"

    Bahahaha...Good one lol !... can I use that?? !!! lol

    Rosie is ok :) like I said before, Beauty is in the eye of the "beer holder" ...its all up to your own personal taste, or lack thereof ! :D

  19. I would love there to be a Transformers 4!!!
    Rosie looks hot!

  20. Rosie is barely average. There are tons of girls way hotter than Rosie. Surely Michael Bay could have chosen a better looking top model or better yet cast a realy actress, there are many hot looking one. Instead he did the worst, getting a not hot top model that just can't act.

  21. ^^^^Rosie is not an "average girl" in looks or weight if you are talking about women in north america lol, sorry ladies but thats a fact !! In Europe she maybe average in weight lol...but not here lol.

    Even the "guys" who say they can't stand her, would jump (in real life) to have a crack at her...dont lie , you know its true.

    Its just a matter of personal taste guys, get over it already ffs !!!

  22. She doesn't know her G1... It's SPIKE not Sam that marries Carly.

  23. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she can do in the film. I don't know why, but I think she's really going to knock it out of the park.

    Also, here's what happened in regard to her being cast: Bay suggested she come in for a read with the casting director who then showed the tape to Bay. Bay then showed her audition tape to Spielberg who agreed that she definitely had some natural acting ability. After she auditioned a second time with Shia, Bay and Spielberg BOTH decided to offer her the part. If Spielberg didn't think she could act, he wouldn't have supported the decision to cast her in the film.

  24. Martinus Prime4/11/2011 1:19 PM

    You're right DarthMuppet, that's how it is. It's not the director who decides everthing, it's the producers.

    I laugh at people who say she can't act. Where do these people come from??? This is her FIRST acting job! You simple can't judge her yet.
    She won the Future actrice award at CinemaCon a couple weeks ago, that has to count something also, right?

  25. @DarthMuppet: what are you Paramount Marketing Dept Senior Manager or what? Geez! Stop posting marketing fairy tales to promote a top model that clearly can't act.

  26. @Martinus Prime: awards are bought by studios/directors/producers/agents... but if you live in your own personal fantasy world instead of the real world maybe it's different for you and only for you.

  27. Go Rosie :)

  28. @ 5:02 PM & 5:01 PM

    Someone's living in a "fantasy world" all right...but its not Martinus Prime or Darthmuppet :D !!

    Who the he!! watches transformers for the girl anyway????? :/

    ...just go watch desperate housewives or something...then all you "girly-mon" types can sit around with herbal tea's and pocket protectors and discuss their acting potential :D

    sick of these metro-hissy fits !!!

    MEN watch transformers because its a kick-a$$ childhood flashback to the good ol' days when things blew up all over the place, and giant robots kicked the crap out of eachother ! When the concept of "Good vs Evil" had no back doors and no "grey area," just cut and dry!

    To a real G1 80's man, transformers meant ADRENALINE and ROCK AND ROLL Baby !!!!

    nuff said ;)


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