Sunday, May 29, 2011

Transformers: Dark of the Moon Running Time

Nelson has tweeted the Transformers: Dark of the Moon running time. He wrote on the twitter account "#Transformers3 runs at approximately 134 minutes." That works out to two hours and 14 minutes which is about what was expected as it closely matches the time of the previous two movies.


  1. i heard 109 min

  2. Actually the first Transformers is 144minutes long while Transformers Revenge of the Fallen is 150minutes.
    This movie is way shorter and it means that it is going to be unsatisfying overall, the first two movies already were too packed and needed a longer runtime to be perfect, this one is going to be severely flawed.

  3. To Anonymous 5/29/2011 4:33 AM :

    So based on the running time of these 3 movies you already know this 3rd one is going to be severly flawed???

  4. The first two movies needed to be longer not shorter. So yes having this one shorter and being it the final chapter of a trilogy it can't look good. It needed to be a 180minutes movie but it's not even a 150minutes one now.

  5. yeah.. he's not thinking.

  6. Apparently according to reviews the timeline of DOTM will go like this;

    5 minute intro
    10 minute reintroduction
    20 minute of Sam at his new job and introducing carly and dylan.
    5 minute fight so Sam goes to the Autobots
    5 minute meeting between the autobots and the humans (as viewed in trailer)
    15 minutes of Autobots going to the moon and finding the Ark and returning to Earth
    5 minute meeting explaining what they found
    60 minute (Confirmed) final battle
    5 minute summary
    -end credits-
    remaining minutes are taken up with end credits

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    The Soundtrack CDs just got delayed on Amazon. Another bad sign for this movie. It didn't happen on the first two movies.

  8. Who you guys trying to kid? Your gonna birch and moan no matter what length it is.


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