Sunday, July 10, 2011

Transformers 3 Weekend Box Office Results

Transformers: Dark of the Moon continues to steamroll the competition worldwide. With the weekend close, day 12 of release, the film has a domestic total of $261 million and international total of $348 million for a worldwide total of $645 million. These stats put Transformers 3 as the highest grossing film in the US of the year. It has a ways to go to pass Pirates 4 international total of $778.9M. Deadline notes that thanks to these numbers, Michael Bay once again will make between $80M to $100M off the third film. With these kinds of numbers, you can see why Bay ultimately chooses to ignore the critics and focus on the numbers.

DOTM earned $47 million in the US box office for a 52% (as expected) compared to last weekend but less than ROTF's 61%. TF3's US sales also continues to lag behind TF2's totals at $261M to $293.4M but the low drop in box office indicates it may be able to make up the difference over time. This will be the last time Transformers 3 is number 1 at the box office as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 takes the spotlight next weekend. Regardless, it is international sales and ability to withstand the Harry Potter onslaught that will determine if this film can break the $1 billion threshold.


  1. I generally don't bash the critics, but historically speaking, most movies that respond well with critics do NOT do well in the theaters. They lose big-time in numbers even though they are really good thoughtful movies. Why is that?

    The answers are out there somewhere, but from what I gather, the typical summer movie theater-goer DOESN'T WANT a thought-provoking movie. They want to unwind into a fantasy world and just let go. They want action-satisfaction. Something that I'm sure frustrates the critics and picky film snobs because it goes entirely AGAINST their judgements.

    Why do we enjoy NASCAR, football, baseball, soccer, and Reality TV? Completely mindless shit but it's a BILLION dollar industry.

    Something to think about.

  2. how long in theaters do u think Transformers 3 in 3D will be? cause i want to see it a 2nd time! ;)

  3. Until November 15 th

  4. i have already seen it 6 times...

  5. heh you can't cash good reviews at the bank.

  6. I've seen it 11 times.

  7. ive seen it 19 times after today 20 then im done......................or am I????

  8. u people r funny

  9. I remember I had this friend who watched LOTR Two Towers with her dad a total of 27 times in the theaters. Both were HUGE LOTR fans.

    I watched the first TF movie 15 times in the theaters. TF:ROTF 10 times. So far, I've seen TF:DOTM only 4 and I plan to watch it more when I find the time (because you know, work and stuff gets in the way).

    But let's ask ourselves, how is this any different from football fans, baseball fans, and dog and pony show fans? Why is it funny when we spend inordinate amounts of time and money on a singular special event? Why is it wrong for us to have a good time when you're not?

    If you ask me, a person dumping $10,000 into sponsoring a Tea Party candidate is pretty ridiculous but it's very real and very common.

    Think about that.

  10. Think about this, Bay has ruined the transformers franchise with his plot hole movies, and we r making him super rich

  11. Ruined it for some, maybe....but not for many others. Let's not sound one-track minded and say what you mean. "I, for one, did not care for it one bit" or "It sucked ass", depending on your articulate level, would convey a valid point.

    Speaking for myself, I thought it had areas for improvement, but still enjoyed all 3 movies for what they were...not what they could've been.

    In general, anyone who's still disappointed that Bumblebee isn't a Volkswagon Bug or Megan Fox got replaced ought to redirect their focus from this franchise.

  12. Ya see, everyone here has had pretty positive things to say about the movie, but theirs always some one who says something stupid, again , i dont care if you liked it or not, just dont say dumb things like bay ruined the franchise, it doesn't make any sense at all!!, its ok if you hate bay and you want someone different to direct future movies, but come on man enough with the nonsense, everyone knows this franchise is every bit as powerful as lotr, spiderman, pirates,h.potter, batman, twilight, and any movies in that catagory of making 300 to 400 million, its a huge successful blockbuster period, and this franchise aint going anywhere and its strong and stable, so stop with this nonsense that bay ruined this franchise, i think the transformers franchise is just so much bigger than any one director could ever be, its here to stay, so if you love transformers and you want another director, have at it, get together with people and try to get bay out, he said he's leaving so their you go, boycott the man, do what you must but please stop saying bay ruined the franchise, i'm so sick of hearing that dumb shit it drives me nuts, theirs like this tiny group of people who keep saying this dumb shit over and over and over again to no avail, i'm telling ya this franchise is awesome!!!

  13. Au contraire~

    Who are we to trust judgement? From the commenters with proper English or those with incorrect English? :)

  14. BTW, the scene with Rosie's panties showing was HOT.

    If you didn't enjoy that, even just a little bit, I dunno... something terribly wrong with you? :P haha

  15. why cant people just go in and watch transformers for what it is giant robots beating eachother up thats what i paid to see and thats what I saw this year u didnt go to see thor or x-men expecting so much why should you expect such high standerds out of tf3 give micheal bay a break i loved tf 1 2 and 3 just as much as g1 so i loved them alot so shut up and go see the best movie of the summer tf3

  16. There are plenty of movies out there that I have no interest in seeing whatsoever. Do I go to fan sites of these movies and troll the fans? Hell no. My time is more worthwhile. Let those fans do what they are going to do. I choose to not partake and my life is just fine.

    I for one, can not grasp what the haters are trying to accomplish. They are not going to influence the fact I've loved these movies. Seeing Transformers do their thing in a realistic environment causes an absolute nerd-gasm...literally chills and goosebumps engulfed my body the first time I ever heard Peter Cullen's voice being used as Optimus Prime. The transformations were amazing to me. There are things I would have loved to see better, like better character development. We got to know Bee alright, and O.P. a bit, but O.P. was really a continuation of what I knew about him from G1 cartoons. The personalities of the transformers were lacking and they could have done a better job with their personalities.

    I cant imagine the cost of these movies. The next few movies should have a larger budget given because these movies are money. I want to see more character development. There are more than enough characters...sure maybe the Autobots were losing, but there were always alot more decepticons than autobots and alot of characters were not tapped into that could have.

    These movies are fun and amazing escapes. It is a trip back to my childhood that no other franchise has ever been able to deliver on. It has taken me back to a more carefree time that I often would love to have again.

  17. lionboogy, lol wow! You and that other guy have me beat for number of times you guys saw Transformers; 11 is kinda paltry after you guys saw it 15-20 times. I saw ROTF 10 times too, but the first Transformers I saw 3 times only because work prevented me (military). Thank you for pointing out that everyone has their own hobby to spend money on. You're so right. I don't see baseball games, I see movies. Why should I have to do what everyone else does for fun? I love this movie, so I keep seeing it. I have to get my fix to tie me over after it's out of the theaters and we're waiting until Nov. for blueray. I really don't care how rich people are getting from me. I'm being entertained, so they did their job. Doing their job means they get paid. I wish the trolls could understand that.

  18. Thanks dude. :)

    It's a funny thing, really. You hear stories about how fans back in the 70's-80's watched Star Wars in the theaters over HUNDREDS of times because that was the closest thing to sci-fi fantasy they'll ever get and none of those movies ever received an Academy Award for direction nor acting, only for special effects and sound.

    Repeat the same story for Avatar, the souls who "gleefully lost themselves" in the 3D escape so many times they actually sought psychiatric help for this apparent "3D addiction".

    There are countless movies that inspire generations of naysayers and so-called critics who enjoy spreading their tantrums and ilk about how this nation is going to Hell and a handbasket because we're not all PhDs and rocket scientists.

    And yet, worldwide revenue continues to outnumber domestic revenue. Look at Titanic. How many Japanese females screamed and fainted at the sight of Leonardo DiCaprio! Foreign fascination with American celebrities is off the charts.

    And here we are, back to the trolls and their snobbish ways. Believing that they can convert us, change us, control us. Into what? Fans of SpongeBob Squarepants? Well, that is not happening, my compatriots. For on this day, we will take back our pride, our honor, our freedom, OUR INDEPENDENCE and we shall prevail! Hoo-Rah!

    Yes, that was inspired from ID4, yet another critic-reviled action movie that made a TON of money. :)

  19. I watched the movie for what it was , a crap movie with crap acting and a crap storyline with good actions scenes, all of you should admit the same and watch this movie with that in mind


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