Friday, October 07, 2011

Transformers: Prime One Shall Rise Part 2 Clips - Autobots vs Unicrons

Tomorrow is part two (of 3) of "One Shall Rise" season finale story arc for Transformers: Prime. The fight continues as the Autobots battle Unicron to save the planet. In part one it was revealed that after the Primus created 13 Primes defeated Unicron, he went in stasis mode becoming the core of what over millions of years became the planet Earth.

Click here for video clip of Prime versus bunch if earth mini-Unicrons and then below is aonther video as the rest of the Autobots join the battle.

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  1. I'm loving this version of Unicron, despite all the metaphysical side XDDDDDD. Funny thing, they used a similar plot on a Doctor Who Xmas special, The Runaway Bride, in wich a Rachnor spaceship, in order to escape pursuit hid itself in the primordial solar system and gathered matter around it, eventually becoming the core of the Earth. Anyway, Prime is becoming better and better and the finale is gearing up to be awesome. Who else thought the closing scene with the eye was plain spooky? I'M LOVIN' THIS!!! :D


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