Sunday, November 27, 2011

Transformers: The Ride - Before, During, and After Footage

Transformers: The Ride is now less than a week away from its official opening on December 3rd at Universal Studios Singapore. The ride there will be the same version that is currently being assembled at Universal Studios Hollywood for its Spring 2012 debut. The exact date remains unknown. The first video (below) shows off The Ride before and after for what visitors will see as they go through the line and what the cafe and store looks like after. The second video appears to be a television report/advertisement that includes a little behind the scenes footage mixed with a tease of the experience during the ride.


  1. ok so wtf did they show sideswipe when wheelie said "deception sideways". ugh even tho I'll probably never be in Singapore to go on this ride that's kind of really annoying

  2. I wanna go sooo bad!!! ;_; I can't wait until it opens here in the US next summer! :D

  3. they probably have a stationary camera right above your heads (attached to the ceiling) and another one filming peopls reactions I hope this was a taste and as time goes by we'll see more and more video of the right :)
    just trying to keep a possitive out-look!


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