Thursday, January 26, 2012

Johnson: Bay's Locked for TF4

Dwayne Johnson sat down with MTV to promote Journey 2 and while doing that he also spoke about filming Pain and Gain with director Michael Bay. While talking about it, he seemed strongly indicate that Bay is locked to film Transformers 4.
...It's an awesome project called Pain and Gain. It’s been with Michael Bay for some time now. ...The goal will be to shoot it this year. Sure. Because, I know, he has Transformers to make. Obviously. That juggernaut. I can't wait for that. Plus I got Fast Six business.
While it’s easy to read too much into his statement, I recommend being cautious. Johnson's statement would be accurate by default simply because Michael Bay will likely retain his executive producer credit regardless if he director Transformers 4 or not. So while Bay's director status remains officially unconfirmed, this strongly indicates that one way or the other, things will move forward on Transformers 4 in 2013. Thanks to Kris J. for the link.


  1. And TF4 if done as sloppy and bad as TF3 just boring, cheap and with no soul will be Bay and Spielberg biggest failure to date. But after TF3 it's what they deserve.

  2. if bay is directing TF4 i'm not going to bother seeing it because look what he has done with all three movies out of the three i think the first is best because it came close to G1 but he made the other two worse. Its now time to think about a reboot with bay having nonthing to do with it or anything.

  3. Ok first off there was nothing wrong with t3 (obviously there isn't if it made a billion dollars and more!!!!!!!!!), i think it was the best out of the 3 so far, no one is forcing you to go see these movies if you didn't like them why continue to go and see them? if you don't like them don't go see them and sit there and bash them and ruin it for people who like them. personally i love this whole trilogy and can't wait for micheal bay and steven speilberg to do number 4 and hopefully do more

    1. @Kris - I'm not one to ruin other people's fun, so I'm not going to tell you that you're wrong. TF3 was good, mindless entertainment (and no-one should have thought it would be any different with Bay's track record). However, it making a ton of cash doesn't correlate with it being "good", it just means it was popular. Most pop music is complete rubbish, entirely without musical merit or class, however it's catchy and blared out continuously on radio/clubs/social areas. No wonder it makes more money than something less well known. Doesn't make it better music though.

      Just some food for though.

  4. @Kris J: you can't be serious. So Avatar got nothing wrong just because tons of adults on crack paid for such a bad product loving to be fooled by marketing watching a bad CGI cartoon with no plot, no characters and lame acting? Oh, yeah, it got $2.7billion boxoffice gross so it must be excellent.

  5. I liked avatar....

  6. tf 4 should be about rodamus an galvatron

  7. Hey Kris J

    I just want to tell you that I gave Michel Bay chance after chance each time i see his Transformer movies I hope it will be a improvement but getting the same results. I had high hopes for tf3 but still the same results now tf3 was slightly better than the last I give it that but still. I know people say it made a lot of money but do not believe everything you read from these sights they can fool you and that's how they can get people to see them. I hope for a reboot or tf4 without Michel Bay either way without Michel Bay. You do have a right to your own opinion. I gave him chances but you know what they say three strikes and your out.

  8. Well one thing is for certain and also a fact, a vast majority of people who seen the movie liked the movie weather some of us like it or not. The movie had a cinama score of an A wich also says a vast majority of people liked the movie. The difference is that we are the hardcores because alot of us grew up with G-1 and we dont like it when someone like Bay goes off into his own weird interpretation of what we know and love, its aggravating to us. As far as I'm concerned Idid not hate the movie, Ijust thought Bay made it way to goofy and doofy and goes off into his weird perverted world and nonsensicle plot, other than that Ilove the action, stunts and most of the CGI and effects, Istill dont think the CGI was as good as it was in the first movie, that shit looked awesome and more real in my opinion but the action in the 2nd half was pretty damb cool. No matter what people think I'm still glad Speilbrg and Bay brought Transformers to the big screen and created one of most succesful movie franchises in the world, not to shabby.

  9. Heck,
    Transformers the Movie (first from Bay) was excellence (top 10 movies all time in my opinion). 10/10

    Revenge of the Fallen had some fun action but a crap plot. 6/10

    Dark of the Moon was good, it had a good plot build up and some great action moments. What it made it less then pt1 is the plotholes at various points. 8,8/10

    I am a pretty hardcore G1 fan. And if you are honest the old cartoons had more crap storylines then all 3 of the movies. Now the old comics had some pretty iconic and great moments/storyline.
    The cartoon movie was crap as well. I really dislike it (3/10).

    I don't mind if Bay does TF4, althoug he should email me for some recommendations. :)

  10. I think with TF4 they should make it short and well written

  11. I always have to laugh when people claim that if its like the last one or directed by someone they'll not go to see it. You know they'll jump in line just like everyone else, yes ROTF was a bit of a let down, and DOTM was one enormous battle and very little story......but that's what pleases the crowds! Personally i loved the last film and even have a tattoo based on it!

  12. @Anonymous Jan 29, 2012 12:57 PM: Transformers3 8.8/10 what? Are you serious? Transformers3 is boring as hell. Bad action scenes, tiny bad CGI nothing new to see. The plot got just wasted.
    Transformers2 had the best CGI by ILM ever seen to date, the detail level in IMAX is just beyond crazy, the plot wasn't crap.. and plot and characters made sense. Transformers3 plot could have been better BUT the execution was poor to say the least, too cheap, too many mistakes.. it looked like a cheap tv movie production!


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