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Linkfest - Fall of Cybertron

It turns out this week’s unintended theme for the link fest is Fall of Cybertron as collected multiple links on the subject including video reviews of Jazz & Shockwave, Achievements, Bruticus release month, and Metroplex screenshots. In addition, another look at the next three Masterpiece toys from Takara-Tomy, Scott Barga gets Academy invite, violin remix of Transformers I Arrival to Earth score and video reviews of upcoming TF Prime toys.

Next Three Masterpiece Transformers Images -
All Three | Hi-Re Gallery
A few weeks ago we got a look at the non-colored prototype of Masterpiece Sideswipe (MP-12) that Takara is releasing in a few months. Now we can get a leak at him in his fully painted glory along with a look at the Soundwave with Laserbeak (MP-13) and Red Alert (MP-14) prototypes that will clearly stick as close as possible to look of the Generation One characters. Of note is it seems Takara isn't going to try to come up with a modern alt mode for Soundwave, choosing to stick with the classic cassette boom box.

Transformers' Scott Benza Joins the Academy
Transformers trilogy animation supervisor Scott Benza was recently invited to join the Academy of Arts and Sciences. Members of the organization are those that vote for the Oscar winners each year and considered a huge honor in Hollywood. 176 members total were given invites this year, most of them either past winners or nominees including Benza who received multiple nominations for the effects work on the Transformers’ films. Congrats to him for the honor.

Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Screenshots
At the link are a series of screenshots, part game play, mostly in game movie, of Metroplex in action that was posted on the FoC Facebook page.

Transformers Generations Bruticus Coming September
Speaking of FoC, Hasbro has informed online retailers that Generations Wave 2 will be released in September and will include the five Fall of Cybertron Combaticon's that can combine to form Bruticus. The wave will also include Fall of Cybertron Jazz and Optimus Prime. Hasbro is also releasing an SDCC edition of the figure but it will come in its own box set with G1 paint job while the retail version will be painted to match the video game colors.

Fall of Cybertron Achievements
Continuing this post's FoC theme, another bit of news is the PS3 and XBox 360 achievements that can be earned. The titles are inspired from Transformers cartoon and lore for reaching certain goals like completing a chapter or reach certain in chapter goals. The full list at the link.

Not Ironhide, Not Ratchet Gallery
Announced over a year ago, iGear is finally set to release their Not Ratchet and Ironhide figures sometime in July. The toys are probably the closest you will ever get to own the Generation One versions of these characters. While Hasbro Generations release last year came close, this one gets it spot on. Hit the link to see what I mean. Sadly these imports do not come cheap with the average price of $120 for a deluxe sized figure.

Transformers: Animated Coming to The Hub
Starting July 9th at 5:30pm EST, the 42 episode series Transformers: Animated (2007-2009) will start airing daily on The Hub. It will be joined by the 26 episode season of GI Joe Sigma that aired back in 2005. Its main claim is the introduction of
Bulkhead and over use of annoying kid characters.

Transformers: Arrival to Earth from Violinist Taylor Davis
An interesting re-creation of the Arrival to Earth track from Transformers using just violins.

Fall of Cybertron Shockwave and Jazz Video Review
Coming soon to sell with the video game coming out August 28th, below are the video reviews of FoC Shockwave and Jazz. Sadly Shockwave continues his tradition of a great robot mode combined with crap vehicle mode while Jazz continues to look good in either mode with a particular strong robot mode.

TF Prime Deluxe Wave 4 Video Reviews - Airachnid | Dead End | Shadow Strike Bumblebee
Hit the links for Peaugh's review of the next wave of deluxe Transformers: Prime toys that seem designed to specifically be peg warmers. Hardly any Prime toys are out and already this wave has two repaints and Airachnid doesn't appear to be worth buying at half price. I recommend skipping Bumblebee entirely, regardless of paint job. Dead End's Halloween inspired paint scheme is interesting but I would just get Wheeljack instead.

Transformers: Prime Breakdown Video Review
Below is another review from Peaugh, this time for TF Prime Breakdown. Currently only released in Japan, it is safe to assume the toy (with probably crappier paint job and accessories) will hit the states sometime by the end of the year.

Transformers: The Ride Deluxe Evac
Below is the review for deluxe class Evac that is available only at Universal Studios. The alt mode is based on the ride cart people board for the attraction. Probably worth getting as a vacation memento but not going through any expensive trouble to order online.

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  1. It's nice that Benza was invited to be a member of the AAA, he certainly deserves it.

    In my opinion the "arrival" track from Transformers is one of the best pieces of film scoring ever...and the scene itself is pretty awesome too.


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